Monday, November 30, 2009

Another week passes

Another week passes and yep I did do a sneaky lil stocking on the weekend just passed :). I am working on carriers now, and a couple of special favors that I still have owing to some dear friends (a couple of which are WAY overdue *eek Ms E*) so I cannot say when I will be stocking again for certain. I am not running to a calendar at the moment, mainly because Im tired and needing to spend alot of time on the next step that Beetlebums is taking.

That and I have a quilt to finish for Miss Lola!

However, please do not fear there will be more coming, I just will not 'commit' myself to dates IYKWIM :). Could be tomorrow, could be next month, could be next week. Im just going with the flow :).

Pregnancy is growing fine, baby is kicking and we still do not know if we have a pink or blue bundle coming - gotta love surprises huh!? Im super excited, I keep saying that this is our last baby so I am trying to enjoy myself and take care of my body as best as I can.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beetle Update!

Just a quick update...

Preorders are leaving daily now, and will be out by the end of the week.

Those who I have favors owing (you know who you are ;)) to, these are all being worked on and should be out by next Monday.

I have been experiencing some difficulties, and extreme exhaustion is part of this. Geez anyone would think I was 27 or so weeks pregnant! hahhaha

Also, just a little bynote - it will never be 'ok' for anyone to adapt their pattern to be more like a certain design of mine. That design is what MAKES MY NAPPY UNIQUE and nope, no matter how much time passes - it will never ever be 'ok'. The current 'trend' is NOT my construction technique, and if one considers it in their right mind they would understand that. If it is used, it is copying. Flat out. Im shocked, exasperated, exhausted and beyond gobsmacked right now, seriously - fair is fair.

See, to me, a custom nappy is a custom made only from my tried and tested design - NOT what another WAHM has worked hard to create. I would never ever resort to plagarising another WAHM for the sake of a custom.

Get high on your own supply. Please!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The new mailing list

Beetlefolk! I have finally got a Bravenet mailing list thingy sorted, so am not going to use the present list any longer. Please, if you would like to rejoin the Beetlebums mailing list just look below

Join the Mailing List

Enter your name and email address below:




Im still yet to figure out how to actually send mail via this list but hey, tis all bout baby steps huh?

Oh yeah, Ive got a few nappies for the Gossamer Dreams stocking tomorrow night - previews to come tomorrow!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Christmas Stocking

Well, a little while back I gave a little clue about something exciting that I've been invited to do... The clue was 'Monthly' and yep, it certainly is true - I've been invited to participate in the monthly collaborative effort that is Gossamer Dreams!

This months theme is 'Christmas' and I must admit - Im not really one for the traditional Christmasy kind of thing but I am really enjoying exploring the wonderful festive spirit!!!

I hope that you can make it on the 15th, there is heaps going on. Fun and festivities abounding :)

I will be back with more updates on the Beetlebums creations for this month xx

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Every now and then...

Every now and then, there is a real corker of a picture that I just have to share!! Here is J's niece (the lovely Ms D's daughter) in her cupcake Beetlebum, I giggle EVERY time I see this picture!

Every now and then I make a nappy that really rocks my world! This is crazy fun, and should now be with its new family (hopefully loved because it was hard to part with!)

The front of the freaky monster nappy

And the back

And every now and then I show off my little guy *swoon*

But for the first time.....

I show you my FIRST attempt at quilting, for my darling Miss Lola!!! This is hers for Christmas, will be double the size (to fit a double bed) and fingers crossed, it will be finished this weekend. I've just got to hide it from her till Christmas then!! EEEEEK!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Now I've finished the last lot...

Well, now that I've finished the last lot of pre-orders, the next lot are ready to go. There are a few conditions with this one - please read below

This Large pocket nappy pre-order is strictly limited to two per customer, and immediate payment via Direct Deposit is expected. Please email through payment confirmation within two hours of checking your pre-orders out to avoid automatic cancellation. Automatic cancellation will occur without notice if payment confirmation is not received. The choice you have is boy/girl/unisex. The colours of the nappies will be determined by me, although if you have a very specific aversion to any colour please send a email via the contact option and state your order number and the colour you DONT want.

Im going to be activating it in about 1/2 hour (about 10.40) and then I will be leaving for a week away. I will not be able to be contacted during this time so please, just be patient!

Anyway, off to pack some swimmers!!!

ETA - I have tried and tried to send out a newsletter with this announcement in it but Yahoo has decided that I am suspicious and wont let me do it. I will be creating a Bravenet account when I get back and will ask for folk to resubscribe then. It will be announced on my blog :)