Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There is a very special mama, who does so much on her own. Her boys are loved, cherished - doted upon. She is so positive, attentive and it is obvious that her boys are the centre of her universe.

She is a great example of what happiness is, when you allow it to just be.

Asheli is made just for her, so she can snuggle that beautiful baby and her toddler (or any of her boys for that matter!) in what every kid needs. A rainbow of course!

This is not for the faint of heart. Psychedelia is rife here, and I LOVE the bamboo denim straps and waistband. No I wont say it again.

OK I will.

I love Bamboo Denim!!!!

The body of the carrier is made from Easycare 01 (yeah, that rockin rainbow I keep chopping up) and a party of Buddha.

I hope she loves Asheli as much as I did making it for her <3.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Tonight I am stocking five Summer Beetlebum Baby Carriers!!

I should have a Wrap Restyle ready too -

Im just heading into the sewing parlour to get it finished!

You can find them in my store, they are going live at 8pm AEST!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


The industry that I am a part of is such a warm and friendly place. On the large part we are supportive and encouraging, always mindful of the reason why we are all doing what we do. For caregivers to be as close to their babies as possible!

This carrier is Octavia - made from a Kokadi Melody wrap. Every single piece bar one triangle of wrap was used to create this Beetlebums Wing Strap Wrap Restyle (say that nine times, as fast as you can :P). I was nervous about it - the repeat of the pattern is a little difficult to work with, but I must say I am happy with how she turned out!

I played around with the appliqué and stitching on the headrest, I really wanted to create waves - like soundwaves, if you will.

I hope she is wrapped in her new carrier! She is on her way today to her new home <3. Thankyou E!!!