Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt

Here is my prize for the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt!! It is a OOAK Hand-dyed Beetlebums Night Package with a Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fitted nappy and a Malden Mills Fleece Pullon Cover (both sized Large). I hope the winner loves it! I am an 'Extreme' sponsor again this time, which is a bit fun. Its not my fault where my icon is hidden though folks, you can blame Mr Fletcher for that! He is quite a genius, while I am a mere novice at all this computer business. I copped a bit of flack last hunt because of the Icon placement grrrr - tsk tsk! I just have to say now folks - dish it out if you will, it will just be tougher on you because I wont give out ANY clues if there are any grumbles... (note to self - play nice!)

Anyway, Im excited and daunted because hunt month is always busy, crazy and exhausting. Thank goodness Im not Lesley or Shane!

On that note, I want to extend my sincerest thankyous to Shane and Lesley for putting so much energy into this Hunt, and every other hunt we have had over here! You guys are awesome!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Organic Fitteds

Ive been on a bit of a bender, and my hands show traces days later!! Finally Ive decided to dust off the dye and get into it, creating some Organic Bamboo OOAK fitteds. Have a look!

And here is our little man, Taj David - born on NYE!! Im not surprised it has taken me this long to brag - I know now how much work two lil babes really are! I didnt ever think that I could fit any more love in my heart, but somehow I have. Im totally smitten with my lil Taj :)

Here he is at 6wks (in a medium Beetlebum and Tanya Smart singlet)

Here he is at 4hrs old

And here is his first smile at 7.5wks (this week!)

Finally, lil Taj with his big sister Miss Lola - what a beautiful and wonderful pair!