The Wing Strap

Beetlebums Wing Straps are now nearing four years old!

They were the first Mei Tai strap on the market to have a full half width strap, with an additional layer of padding sewn to the inner edge.  The remainder of the fabric is then folded underneath the padded section, so that the wearer can either wear the strap fully flared or tucked in. 

I have posted about my Wing Straps here on my blog before, I just thought it was time to put it all on an easy to find page for you to peruse at your whim.  If you use the search function over there << to your left, you will find other posts and images about my Wing Straps.

Look at the coverage!  Super comfy!

Finally, tucked in.  Wonderful.

I consider Edit from Bamberoo to be my inspiration and when I was mulling over my invention, I ran it by her, as she (way back when!) had brought about the padded-to-wrap-strap design in the US.  I absolutely never want my work to be confused with anyone else's so seeking her approval was paramount to me.  Anyway, her reply?  'Why didn't I think of that' (!!!!!!).  So I patted myself on the back and soldiered on.

Beetlebums - for want of a better world

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