Friday, November 25, 2011


Another carrier for Beetlejuice's fun day tomorrow - this is a standard size Full Buckle on purple canvas.

Remember that the action will be on the Beetlebums Facebook page!!!

Bed time for me - at 1:30am!! See you in a week!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Karate Birds

When Mel is away,,,....... Beetlejuice will PLAY!!!

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow - the Beetlebums Facebook page will be where she will be.... and it will involve this

Karate Birds is a Half Buckle Baby Carrier with a Tuckable hood. The print is organic and so gorgeous *swoon* and the canvas is blackest black. The straps are standard 2m straps, designed for tying. The waist is buckled.

Im burning the midnight oil - an update on the pending carriers (you will know if you have one ;)), they are ALL started, and will be out very very soon!

There will be more.... oh yes there will!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have a new personal carrier.

Those who know me on the Australian Babywearing groups will now that I LOVE Firefish, but I haven't been wearing it as a wrap. I tried in vain to list it for sale not once, not twice but three times - every time I chickened out.

I just couldn't let go!!! So, I have my own sashimi!

My Firefish Restyle with Wing Straps bamboo denim hood with appliqué, bamboo denim buckle waistband and quilted headrest. YAY!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As always, there is a story.. Amelie is a Restyle that I made, in company of Kathy! She witnessed the inception and delivery of her OWN Restyle! It was so nice to have company while sewing, I usually am all alone in my parlour.

This Restyle is made from Geckos Mauvein by Didymos. It was a size 5 - but we managed very well, and combined the wrap with black Bamboo Denim (I am hoarding the very little I have left - only for the special special peeps!)

LOOK!!! A gecko coming out of the Wing strap!!! What a nice surprise!

Showing how the unique Beetlebums Wing Straps function and look when open.

The hood was a labour of love - the geckos represent Yin and Yang. All completely hand driven - the gecko that I stitched out took quite some time (those lil fingers whoa did they ever drive me crazy!!!)

LOOOKKKK!!! Perfect for tandeming!!! Kathy and two of her magnificent little fairy children in Amelie <3. Lucky for me, I KNOW she loves it (she is still squealing in the background, as I type this!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


What I did today

My friend Kathy asked me (meekly) if I could dye her......


So Laura, Kathy and I set to it - laid it out and told it whos boss.

Seaspell <3

A taste of things to come.......

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dream Weaver

I'm not sure if you remember, but a little while ago myself and a friend (Kathy - who, incidently, is so freaking awesome!) decided to plant a seed. We decided to auction a special carrier for a very special lady (Renae) who is on her own personal journey - she is a weaver. And she needed a loom.

So Kathy and I knew what to do. And this is the result! Dream Weaver - a very special carrier, for a special lady (whom I made the carrier for) and for a very special cause. The loom is in action already, and I just cannot wait to see what Renae creates with it.

Dream Weaver has Wing Straps (made extra long for tandem wearing) with fringe on the ends <3. The headrest is appliquéd and features hand driven stitching. The lil fairy is very special to the mama I made it for - she may pipe up about it when she is ready. The fiery sun is rising - or setting. In any case, it is welcoming a new energy.

Dream Weaver. Made with Earthy Rainbow (from Girasol) and Bamboo Denim.

I really hope the mama I made her for LOVES her - so much positive energy came out of this carrier and she made a beautiful dream come true.

I LOVE the industry I am in, so so so much.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


WOW!!!! My friend S, who has just opened a fantastic new store (Finely Woven), sent me this fabric - and guess what it was in a past life?

You wont guess....

A completely rocking skirt!! Now S is quite slim - so slim that I was lucky to be able to match the prints the way I did - there was very little fabric!!!

It is a Wing Restyle - with a petite waist. Leo Red was the wrap of choice, and it matches beautifully. Look at Encantas Wings!!

Encanta rocking out with his hood out ;)

Encanta with his hood tucked all neatly away - the print lines up.. *phew*

And the name?? Encanta - my favourite album of all time is Isla de Encanta. It makes me feel red energy, creative, fire - wild. Somehow this feeling is evoked when I look at this carrier - and well, S just happens to be one of my fave gals so it is fitting that her carrier is named after my favourite album. Whether she likes the Pixies or not :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011

things are a-changin'


Just a quick update on ... me :P.

I have been very sick for a long time and am feeling now better than I ever have (YAY!). In the process of healing I have had to make some very big decisions for myself personally, and for my business, Beetlebums. Time will reveal all but just for now I can share that I have sought the help of an awesome woman to manage all correspondence (first stage) and in the coming weeks (when we sync our computers, whatever that is) she will be taking over. This means a few things - there will be no Beetlebums business done through FaceBook. I know I am guilty of using it to transact too but it really messes me around and I need things to be N-E-A-T right now :). So, unfortunately I have tightened my privacy settings again and cant answer anything Beetlebums related on FB via PM. Of course still use the page and chat - I will continue posting there too, but I want to get back to using FB for what it is good for - marketing and socialising, NOT conducting my business.

My new team members name is Beetlejuice and she rocks!! She jokes and says 'don't say my name three times' :P. She is a valued member of my team (that was once just me!), so please respect her and treat her as you would me. The best place to contact us is via the 'contact' tab on my website as my Yahoo email is being shut down, and any correspondence through that mailbox will cease soon.

There will have to be an end to 'favours' via email. I know I know I am guilty of this too but I have to be STRONG!! The time has come!!

The mailing list is broken, we will start a new one in the new year.

I will keep you all posted on the changes of course, and in the next month they will be happening.

YAY! Onward and upward!!!