Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And along came Phoenix

Welcome to our world Phoenix John!

Our precious littlest bundle was born in the shower (so, kind of a water birth!) fast and early (at 35wks) on the 14th January 2010. He weighed 2.9kg.

24hrs in the Neonatal Care Unit gave him a clear bill of health, and four days later we were finally home!

Phoenix with the gorgeous little name plaque that one of the NCU midwives made for him. She makes them for all the NCU babies, and we truly treasure ours.

Feeling euphoria after our fast and amazing birthing. My body went from 1cm and thick to birthing in just two hours! Every single surge was important, fulfilling the role of opening me up to release my baby from my body. The mindblowing part for me is that this time around I was able to go so deeply within myself, feeling every centimetre opening and I instinctively knew exactly what my body needed during the whole experience. This time around I can say that there was absolutely no fear and therefore no pain. I just accepted the journey!

The universe is so amazing, the way it provides for us what we need. The paediatricians were awaiting Phoenix's birth in the NCU - they wanted to be present when he emerged. I truly do not know how but the buzzer did not work, and they didn't know that he was born for a little while after he came - giving me the precious skin to skin bonding time that we needed. The lady in the photo with us is Felicity, our amazing midwife, from the Midwifery Group Practice here in Ipswich.

And our sleeping beauty - he truly is stunning *swoon*. He is a treasure - and has already showcased his star ability for an antenatal class in the hospital, at just two days old!

So, I guess y'all know now that I am on my babymoon, and will remain so until further notice. However I do have a bit backlogged here and am going to get through that just as fast as I can - please be patient with me while we adjust to all these changes. Oh, I didn't mention that Miss Lola starts prep next week! Lordy me, its a big year this year!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



And, also a lil action pic of Kai II, on Nat and her little guy :D. Tell you what, he is a ceeeee-ooootie! Ta for sharing Nat xx

Now off the the Post Office real quick!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Jayne is complete!! She will ship to her new home this afternoon :).

Maude is now in progress, and let me just say that she is looking divine!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

my friend

Julie - (the incredibly patient) Pink Lucky Girl

Oh boy, I didn't realize that this baby carrier would be such a pleasure to sew up - I'm not generally a pink girl!

When I first spotted Lucky Girl in the pink colourway I nearly had pink kittens - I had never ever seen it before and so I *had* to have it *ALL*. Needless to say, 'all' is not that much - all up nearly two yards but I just knew that my friend Julie would love it as soon as I laid eyes upon it.

This is a 1/2 buckle with Lucky Girl in the pink colourway as the feature print, and 'Taivis' by Marimekko on the side panels. The gradation of tones with Taivis really compliment the feature panel very well I think! I also snuck a special little purple hibiscus applique on the left shoulder strap, along with the 1/2 buckle freehand decorative stitching that I do on a whim, on Beetlebums 1/2 buckle baby carriers. The straps and inner are red canvas.

I really really hope that Julie loves it, she has waited so very long for this - thankyou Julie for being the most patient girl in the world *heart*.