Sunday, October 30, 2011

Those Crazy, Crazy Fish

Just a quick blogpost tonight - it is raging and storming outside, and I love moody weather!

This Restyle is made with Pazzi Pesci, a wrap made by Didymos. It features Wing Straps and tuckable hood. I just love how it shimmers - it's really gorgeous!

I tried to pack as many of those crazy fish onto the headrest as I could :)

The fish are swimming waaaaay down south tomorrow, to their new family. I hope they are loved!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The Lotus - there are many meanings. One is to be still and seated.

Situ is going to a wonderful family - she is a Beetlebum Wrap Restyle with Wing Straps and tuckable hood. The appliqué was hand drawn and applied with hand driven stitching meandering across the headrest.

The wrap that I restyled is a Girasol Northern Lights. Its so gorgeous, the colours are so deep and rich.

I really hope Situ is loved in her new family - I loved making her for them!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011



Why Penelope??

Well, there was a bit of banter on one of the groups I frequent not so long ago about sashimi-ing fish. Didymos fish that is... And I was like 'I am the sashimi queen baby!!'... Then talk went onto BBQ chicken.. I know I know, Pfau isnt a chicken but some affectionately call them chooks... and well, Henny Penny is a chook too. So here is Penelope - all BBQ'd up for R :P.

I hope she LOVES her!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dream Weaver

There is this amazing gal - she is working so hard, has a dream and passion and drive. I love this in a woman - it is not only inspirational but completely humbling to be given access to witness her journey.

My wonderful friend Kathy, has donated an Earthy Rainbow - and I the rest of the materials and my time. We want to help our friend reach the stars. The title of this post is telling - those of you who know her will understand.

So, the carrier is customisable and will feature Earthy Rainbow and Bamboo Denim. I just dont know if there is a dreamier combination. Period.

I really hope we can get her loom for her, please help us make her dreams come true!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Oraya is on her way to WA - she was a marathon effort, but finished just in time to make the courier! I am so excited - she is going on holiday overseas this week, hence me racing to get her finished!

She is a Wrap Restyle, using Neobulle Julie and Echino as the feature print. She has Wing straps and a buckle waist. I really, like really really like her <3. I hope her new family loves her too!