Beetlebums has been the first at a few things that have been rather groundbreaking in the world of Modern Cloth Nappies and Baby Carriers alike.  What are they??

-  Beetlebums were the first ever nappy to use minky, worldwide!  Back in 2005 it was unthought of to make a nappy using minky as an outer.  At around the same time, Berry Plush came out with their minky outer nappy covers, however Beetlebums were the first to use minky in an AI0/AI2 and Pocket Nappy.  Imagine the MCN world now without minky!

-  Beetlebums was also the first to use felted wool interlock as a nappy outer.  Famously called the 'Woolly Nightpocket', many are still being used years and years later reliably by those who covet them.

-  Beetlebums was the first to make a shoulder strap on a carrier with an additional layer of fabric encasing padding (the Wing Strap).  Many make a similar version now, which just shows how awesome the design is!

What prompted the beginnings of Beetlebums?

For me it was lack of money!  Believe it or not, I couldn't afford to buy MCNs back in the day, and loved sewing.  It was a wonderful journey that saw me make friends with some amazing people who not only transformed my business into what it is now but inspired me to keep on going!  Sue from Itti Bitti bought a nappy from my very first stocking, which totally freaked me out!

Anyway the reason I began was a double negative - it is expensive to run a business, especially when you are the key maker (or the only one!).  LOL.  What a dork I am.

One of the saddest situations happened which enabled me to push it further.  My father passed away :*(.  He was an entrepreneur and dreamed of helping me start a business.  I couldn't think of any other way to honour his memory than fulfilling his desire to help me begin.  I was a harrowing and bittersweet beginning, but I know to this day he is watching over me and blessing me.  I cannot fail, because if I do I am letting him down.

Wow!  Personal!

Who makes Beetlebums/are they outsourced?

For transparencies sakes - it is me!  And only me!  I have Laura, who takes care of the admin side of things, apart from that I am the one-woman-show that has always been Beetlebums.  I've played around with the idea of outsourcing but I am too much of a perfectionist.  I cannot see this changing because I aint changing in a hurry!

That will do for now I think.  Don't want to bore you with too much read-y stuff.

Beetlebums - for want of a better world

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