Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suse, the birds are flying for REAL!

A very special carrier for a special lady :)

Winter Nest

A standard sized Beetlebum Full Buckle SSC with a centre panel by the amazing Australian textile designer, Kristen Doran

Hood tucked in
Hood out :)
The hoods little house within the carrier!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watoto Baby Sponsorship :)

Lesley of Cherub's Kiss and myself have teamed together to not only collaborate on a our range of clothing and nappies but to sponsor the precious babies of Watoto. Funds from some of the auctions will go toward this amazing organization which saves children, babies, child soldiers and mothers destitute and usually near death and gives them hope, dreams and a promising future.

Watoto is building a better Uganda through their faith and dedication, and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about just what they give to these people. With all of our help, they can save and improve Uganda, and bring this amazing, vibrant and inspirational culture back to where it belongs.

One major motivating factor for us was the fact that we really are just so fortunate here, we live in Gods country, are blessed with plentiful food and peace. We have a health system, and we are really one of the most wealthy countries in the world. I cannot imagine living any other way. Some days I have hard days but I've never had to endure days like the Ugandans are forced to every day of their lives. Our children aren't stolen and forced to kill in an army they know nothing about, we aren't exiled from our families because of illness. We aren't put in the situation that it is impossible to feed our children - and come on, lets face it - for us the actual ACT of adding children to our families is a CHOICE (usually). We cannot fathom in our entire lifetime just how difficult life must be for the people in wartorn Uganda. And without help from us they will never be delivered from this crisis. It will just get worse. It makes my heart so heavy to think about it :(.

Another thing I personally love about Watoto is the fact that it is pretty much run by missionaries. There is no massive corporation to fund - Watoto relies upon the generosity of its missionaries to build and maintain Watoto. I dream about making my way over there in the future to help build a home for a new family, or feed the babies, just anything.

Our sponsorship is ongoing, it will be every month, forever - we have committed ourselves to this wholly and will continue to donate where ever we can. Please find it in your heart to contribute if you can :) - remember, we are all part of this world!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, here is the OOAK set that Lesley of Cherub's Kiss and I created for a special lil girl out there!!! The dress is stunning, Lesley really exceeded every expectation I had, there is a massive amount of attention to detail. Its just gorgeous. Lesley has also made a Large Auriel AI2, featuring the 'QuackQuack' print that is the theme of our collaboration. The back of the Auriel is divine fuschia minky, pattable perfection!! I made a minky strip pocket, with fuschia and soft yellow minky panels, which co-ordinate perfectly with the 'QuackQuack' print.

We have just activated the auction, and it will end on Sunday 30 Aug night at 8pm.

We both hope you love it as much as we did creating it. There will be more collaborations coming, the next set is a boys number, so keep looking back!!


What the heck could this be? Does this little project involve another WAHM?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hey folks, there will be a little nappy stocking tonight!

ETA - the stocking will be at 9pm tonight :D, stock is previewing now!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

And Zia in completion!

Ah! Zia had just a couple of final touches (including a couple of new secret additions :)) to complete this morning and ..... here she is!!!!


And this is the first time I've actually picked up Mr T and he just fall asleep - without a carrier! I just had to share this rare moment!! Excuse my tired eyes - it's been a loooooong couple of weeks here...
LinkI've got some nappies to complete for some friends and then I'm going to really blitz the carriers in time for the Hunt! Oh, and if you haven't registered to hunt yet - go do it now!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who? Me?


Keep coming back today for updates and photos of the complete ROCKING action that *might* be happening (wink wink)

Ive got some fitteds that are nearly finished, ready for the Gossamer Dreams stocking tonight!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beetlebums sponsors the Hunt again!

I'm so excited - Beetlebums is sponsoring the Aussie Great Cloth Nappy Hunt yet again!!! I've sponsored the Hunt quite a few times now and love every one. I don't usually hunt but I think I just might this time - it is so much fun, however VERRRRY time consuming (and mind consuming hahahaha).

Its all filled up now - all 150 sponsorship slots are filled! Imagine that - I could be wrong but I'm sure that we had 50 sponsors in the first hunt I sponsored - now there are 150! WOOOHOOO!

I will share pictures of my prize soon. In the meanwhile - get over and sign up to hunt!!