Full Buckle

The Beetlebums Full Buckle is not a regular full buckle SSC baby carrier.

The Beetlebum FB has many defining features that set it apart from every other baby carrier on the market.  It is because of the extreme level of comfort that families who have had a Beetlebum Full Buckle never look back!

The defining features are as follows - 

The body of the Beetlebum Baby Carrier has three form fitting panels.  The panels ensure that a super comfy deep seated position is easy to attain - every time.

The webbing for the dual adjustable buckles that attach the shoulder straps to the body come out from the center panel of the carrier.  This makes it much easier to wear tiny babies all the way through to burly two year olds.  The side panels in essence cinch down naturally because of where the buckles are placed on the body of the carrier.

Another bonus to having the buckle situated where it is on the body is that there is NO underarm rub.

The shoulder straps are OSFA.  From the most petite wearer through to plus size, there is no need to worry!

The waistband has often been described as having lumbar support.  This is a little secret of mine but yes, it is totally unique and makes the waistband uber comfortable.  The waistband is now suitable for petite wearers through to plus size too.

The peaked headrest - it not only visually identifies the carrier as a Beetlebum but is a perfectly functional.

Artwork - I aim to make every single baby carrier unique, there is never two the same - even if the same print is used, or the same wrap, I love to mix it up!

Even down to the scallop stitching, which has been a feature on all of my products since 2006 is synonymous with Beetlebums.

So you can see now just how much thought has gone into creating Beetlebums Full Buckle baby carriers.  Years in the making, the design has been unchanged for over four years.  It speaks volumes about the design, doesn't it?

Beetlebums - for want of a better world

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