Sunday, July 31, 2011


This is the third carrier that will be available tonight - her name is Candice. There is a bit of a story behind it, she is a wonderful friend of mine, and she created 'Lotus' nappies (which are now a very famous brand of nappy - known by a different name!).

She is a Full Buckle Standard sized Beetlebum Baby Carrier with a headrest and tuckable hood.

I love the Tangerine canvas - so bright and poppy! The headrest features a hand-driven Mel designed (hey thats me!) appliqué of a Lotus and hand-driven straight stitches meandering over the headrest.

I hope you love her, and hope to see you tonight at 8pm AEST!

Friday, July 29, 2011


This Full Buckle Standard sized Beetlebum Baby Carrier features hand-driven appliqué on the hood and a feature panel of 'Night Rainbow', on blue canvas.

Auster is his name - and his name represents wind

I hope you love him!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

For my friend, for her friend!

I made this baby sized Beetlebum Baby Carrier for my friend, for her friend!!!

It is the beautiful Coriander in Clay on Bamboo Denim *swoon*. I hope the mama it is intended for loves it alot!

There is more to come, and lets aim for Sunday night? How about a New Customer stocking?

Big Red!!!

Soooo, what is going on here??? No hood, but a pocket? WITH a headrest?

Are you for REALS?

Well, kind of...

LOOK - its a hood!! Now, I didn't reinvent the wheel here but I am totally stoked with how the Beetlebums Baby Carrier has a hidey hood *squee*

Gotta love a bit of Red on Bamboo Denim.... pure luxury!

What do you think??!!

There is more to come, over the weekend, along with the stocking announcement!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am officially in LOVE. With this fabric! It is Little Red Riding Hood and I believe that it is amazing... truly awesome.

This is a Baby Sized Beetlebum Full Buckle, due to go up tonight (8pm QLD Aus time) with eight of her brothers and sisters!

Do you like her too???

I *might* have another ready for tonight, if it isn't ready I will list it over the weekend! Hope to see you tonight peeps!

Gee that Pippi is moody!

I love how Pippi can be so moody - depending on how I chop the wrap, how I place the stripes - she can look so different! Pippi #2 is on the right - and the Pippi on the left is my personal carrier.

See? See how moody she can be?

And here she is all alone, just waiting for a body to wear it and for a baby to snuggle.

I hope you love her!


This is what happens when you save a post - and not publish it!!!! I am sorry, this should have gone up yesterday!! Anyway, here is Tula and I think she looks rather fancy.

She is made with the divine Full Moon Forest Owls (yes, out of print and very very hard to find. Whats new really?) on cappuccino pebble canvas. Tula is a standard sized full buckle carrier.

So, are you ready for tonight? I have some thoughts on how to run the stocking... I wonder if I split the carriers up - 5 to go live at 8pm, and then the rest at 9pm? I will state which ones will go live when though, so you dont have to hang around.. Is that a good idea?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pedro and Rosa

Here is Pedro - a baby sized Beetlebum Full Buckle, designed for newborns (in a 'froggy' position) up to around the 9m-1y mark. The body is narrower and shorter than a standard, with a curved padded headrest and attached sleephood.

Baby Sized Beetlebums have less padding in the shoulder straps and a lighter waistband. Having said that - all Beetlebums are designed to be worn for hours on end, and comfort for both the wearer and wearee is paramount. The Baby Size is a fantastic carrier for the teeny tiny baby Beetles.

And here is Rosa. I am in LOVE with this print. I have been hoarding it for awhile, and have quite a bit, and just cannot get sick of it. It is so bright, yet not garish and has such gorgeous tones throughout.

Rosa is a Standard Sized Beetlebums Baby Carrier, on deep navy blue canvas with a sleephood.

I will be announcing when the stocking will be this afternoon!! Remember to keep up to date with all Beetley happenings on the Facebook Page. I have ten carriers ready to go - Im hoping to have a couple more done in time!!

I hope you love the two Ive just shown to you <3

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Bestie

I just have to say right now - I have friends then I have my core friends - they have my back and I have theirs. One of my very best is just the most amazing woman alive. She is so calm, thoughtful, kind, real and generous to a fault. I only wish I could be half the mother she is, and half as tidy and organized!

I went to visit her in Brisbane last week (I think? Was it last week? Or the week before!?) and she handed over to me a bag FULL of wraps - she had collected them! Anyway, I happily took them of course :P. I asked her which one she wanted to Restyle for her and she said that she couldn't make up her mind...

Symphuo......... and............. Night Rainbow

So I said that I would just make both and she could choose... and I would stock the other in the stocking.

All I can say is that right now, I am glad I am not her. Even though I would love to be half as organised as her.. and tidy to boot! But, what a choice! She asked if she could sleep on it... I said 'ok'

What would you choose?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saltillo Wrap Restyle and Lucinda

I have mentioned before that I love Girasol Baby Wraps!! This Wrap Restyle is a Girasol Saltillo - a new design in the Girasol Standard line.

I love the colours, its a fab combo and I reckon Saltillo rocks a Beetlebums Restyle!

Saltillo features Beetlebums Wing Straps - long straps that you tie with just the right amount of padding. The outer edge of the strap 'wings it' over your shoulder when you want your strap to cup, or you can simply tuck it underneath for a more streamlined strap.

The waist is the standard straight three piece Beetlebum waistband.

And for the darker types - Lucinda. The fabrics are by the amazing Jane Sassaman and I love the combination. On black canvas, this is a standard sized Beetlebum.

Spooky spider just chilling out on the side there..

Im *still* not ready to announce the stocking date yet but let me just say - it is going to be big!

I hope you love Saltillo and Lucinda!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I am gearing up for a large carrier stocking - I currently have five Full Buckle carriers ready, but I need more more more!!! The first I would like to show you is Shia - I think she is beautiful.

The feature panel is a gorgeous Japanese print with sakura flowers and cranes flying in the moonlight. The side panels are the amazing Mod Hearts (hopelessly out of print and hard to find *sigh*). Unless some miracle happens, this is the last of my purple Mod Hearts, so I had to make the carrier worthwhile for this occasion!

On one of the side panels I have appliqued a flower from the centre print, just to give Shia a little more specialness.

I am not ready to announce when the stocking will be - if you want to keep up to date with all things Beetlebum then check my Facebook page out :).

I hope you love Shia!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Happy Joy JOY!


This is my new personal carrier - I made it last night :). It is a Wrap Restyle Full Buckle using an Easycare 01. Only the best, most retro rainbow out there! And look at the straps - I love how crazy they are!!

I am loving the brightness, it lifted my spirits after such a hard day.

Im going to be making more more more - I need more bright rainbows in my life!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Koko - The Fireworks Child

This carrier has a story, not a long one - but one that makes me smile at how cool it is!

I don't know how, but somehow I found out about a lady who really (like, really really) wanted a carrier - she had tried at every stocking for a long long time, and then gave up. I felt really sad - I felt touched that she had tried for so long, and just thought that there should be more joy in the world.. So I contacted her and said 'Hey, I will make you a carrier' and she said 'Yes' (ok, she said more than that but you get the gist.)

Fast forward, fabric selected, and today I decide to go for it - I was going to finish this carrier in amongst all else that was going on.

We chatted during the day, and she asked me what her carriers name was.. And instantly, I thought of fireworks.. But you cant call a baby carrier Fireworks, can you?? (Well, I did have a friend once long ago who wanted to call his first-born Stairwell... hmmm interesting hey? What a freakster!)

So, trusty Google comes to my aid, and I type in 'Fireworks, name, child' and a link comes up to something pretty amazing.

Take note of today's date. It is the 3rd of July.

Koko, a famous (and controversial) Gorilla was born on the 4th of July in 1971. She was named this as it translates to 'Fireworks Child'.

Tomorrow is Kokos birthday (although she isn't around any more) - and tomorrow is the day that Koko, the Beetlebum Baby Carrier - the Firework Child - flies off to her new home.

Oh I love how our universe works!

I really do hope that the family that receive Koko love and adore the moments that it gives them!!

Ice-cream for me!!

on the flipside

For a very special friend of mine - a very very very hard to find Kokka print (I LOVE this!) on one side....

And a rockin' canvas print on the other side!!!

This is a Half Buckle Beetlebums Baby Carrier with extra padding in the shoulder straps on black canvas - her burly boy should be comfy as a baby marsupial in there :).

I might keep it :P. Seriously.