Wednesday, December 30, 2009

His last day of being 1

Today heralds my guys last day of being one year old. This year has been wild, wonderful, joyful, painful, incredible and awesome for us. Taj truly is one of those spirits that brings joy to the world! Apart from that, he is downright funny, gorgeous and sneaky. Really really sneaky.

And he eats mud. Alot...

He loves cars. Alot...

He loves to give his mama kisses. And headbutt my stomach, knees, thighs - well anywhere his head hits is fine with him. Continuously.

He rubs my arms and stares at them, inspecting every freckle and mole and scratching every spot. Then he keeps rubbing it. Its like his medicine.

He runs, he races, he says 'ready set GOOOOOO'. He also says 'Tasteh, ahhhhh' and after he has a drink he appreciates, he says 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' and giggles.

He loves tackling Miss Lola. He loves following her. He loves chasing her on the trampoline. She dotes on him, watches over him and cares so much - she never complains (well, not alot :P) when he snatches her toys off her.

Anyway, today is his last day of being 1 year old. My little guy has gone from being a little baby to being a boisterous and wild toddler! It has happened so quickly, like magic - yet he feels like he has been with me all my life.

I love my baby Taj.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here he is!

Our littlest guy *swoon*

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stupid grrr pffft strike :(

Hey folks!!

It is now clear to me that the postal strike is having a major effect on delivery of items, whether it be my mailing centre or state wide I do not know.

Items that I shipped from mid week last week are still seemingly in transit, even within Brisbane . It does not seem to matter that most are registered, nor does it matter that a couple were shipped express .

Please be patient during this time, its frustrating for ALL of us . Post is slow enough at Christmas time, with this obviously adding a massive strain, its enough to make a WAHMama crazy!

ALL Beetlebums items (bar the latest new customer slots and the carrier pre-orders) are shipped, as with the Beetlebums goodies I stocked at the last Gossamer Dreams stocking.

I have no control over them now, they are in transit.

Thankyou and Merry Christmas xxxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Beetlebums closing for now...

But not for long! As you all know, we are awaiting the arrival of our third baby and with Christmas just around the corner, Im officially shutting the doors for awhile.

IF I have time to make anything at all, and happen to list it, I will do a quick blog post about it beforehand. Please please please dont ask when or if Im going to stock, I am answering this question alot and although Im thrilled Im starting to feel... just a little frazzled I guess.

I wont be answering emails unless you are one of those awaiting orders, for two weeks. So I will be back officially on the 4th Jan, provided I dont have this baby beforehand!

I would love to thank every single Beetle family and those who have supported me though your words, custom and energy this year - its been a smashing year for me and its only going to get better!

Merry Christmas to y'all!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Olivia meets her match!!!

And here is Olivia, at home with her new family!! Thankyou so much V for sharing these beautiful pictures with me, they are gorgeous - your children are stunning.

I'm so happy Olivia has such a happy new family :).

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another favor down!

For SU

She is made from two special out of print fabrics - Lucky Girl and Mod Hearts, both in the purple colourway. On coffee canvas, full buckle.

Its out of control how much I love Lucky Girl. Im addicted. Where once I was satisfied with Vodka or Gin, now it is this lady that I turn to. I buy her WHERE-EVER I see her, and have a bit of a collection here... And like any true addiction, I'm terrified of running out.

Speaking of Lucky Girl - the next favor is coming along nicely (for my friend Ms JF), Im definitely going to be showing her off because although she is made from Lucky Girl, she is made from Lucky Girl in a colourway that I suspect most do not realize exists :D.

I also have another in the works for my lovely OS friend, who has been ever so patiently awaiting my end of our trade (which I must admit, should have gone A LONG time ago pffffft to Mel). Im just going to leave y'all hanging on that one.....


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Nest - Introducing Olivia

Well it is Gossamer Dreams time again!

Olivia was going to be my personal carrier, and she has some features that I've not used on other carriers before (or.. yet!).

Without further ado!

Introducing... Olivia

I decided that she would be auctioned, it was a difficult decision but one that had to happen to make it fair for all the mamas.

I hope you love her - she is going to be desperately difficult to say goodbye to! Im sure that her new home will be loving and just perfect for her.

And I have to share this piece of awesomeness. My friends husband, being the uber handyman that he is, whipped this glorious piece of rockdom for my snap press!!! Now I have a foot press!!! Am I not the luckiest mama in the world?!

Thankyou so much Kobi and Sid!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A very special OOAK!

Phew, second 'favor' down - two more to go!

I can share this - I am meeting with the special mama today and I *dont* think she will stumble across this in the hour we have before meeting up!!!

Yes, its Kai in different colours - with Colourgrown Waves (an awesome Didymos baby wrap) wrap scrap side panels on denim straps.

I feel like there is *just* enough contrast between the fabrics - the Waves on the side panels continue the earthy/oceanic feeling of the koi scale background of the feature print.

Looks even better in real life!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Semi custom carrier stocking!

(for Ms SB)

Tonight is the night - and this is what Beetlebums Carriers look like!





Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.... I am biting the bullet - I am going to be putting up four carriers for preview today, to go live tomorrow night. Please understand that these carriers WILL NOT be ready before Christmas, and are likely to be the last (except for one at the Gossamer Dreams stocking) before I have my baby. The estimated dispatch date that will be the 8th Jan.

The actual stocking will be tonight, Sunday 6 Dec at 7.30pm QLD time

Please think carefully about what you want, the carrier type is up to you and I wont be able to offer much more than advice because I love both types for their own reasons. What I am getting at is that it is purely a personal choice between carrier types, and a decision the purchaser needs to make based on their own needs and tastes, I cannot and will not help with the decision (and once the decision has been made by the buyer, it is final). I cannot be held responsible for a change of heart.

Please wait until I confirm your order before payment - even if you recieve an email from my store. I will take the first order completed (and yes, it is first the checkout) however in the highly unlikely event of overselling I would prefer to confirm myself.

Hyena policy - you MUST be logged in as the person who is purchasing the carrier - orders will not be transferred (they will be canceled if the person who is logged in isn't the purchaser). Beetlebums payment policy applies. One carrier limit per person.

What IS customizable -

- the semi custom options available are simple. Either a half buckle or a full buckle!
- Strap length on a 1/2 buckle can be either 180cm (for petite wearers up to a size 10) or 200cm (for any wearer over a size 10, or people that like to tie tibetan)
- the actual sleep hood design is not changeable but you can choose whether you actually want one or not.
- *if* there are two strap options, that means that I have given the purchaser the choice of either. If there isn't two options, the strap colour shown is what the straps will be. The plain colour is the strap fabric.

What is NOT customizable -

- the fabric/print that is previewing is what the carrier will be. This cannot and will not be changed.
- strap fabric is canvas or denim. This cannot be changed.
- dimensions of the body are not customizable.

*I've been asked if you can wear Beetlebums Baby Carriers whilst pregnant. I *did* wear mine pretty constantly during early pregnancy, up until about 25wks. Though I have a couple of placenta issues that probably would have no bearing on whether I can babywear or not, I just feel more comfortable not doing so right now IYKWIM. Anyway, you can do it if you are comfortable to - just wear the waistband below your bump!*

I will explain as best as I can here the difference between the 1/2 buckle carriers and the full buckles, simply because I cannot answer all emails promptly enough. Please, refer people to this post as opposed to emailing inquiries. If you have a question that is not answered here please just comment on the blog post, this will save me alot of time and double handling (just having to answer the question once). Please understand that I don't have time to field masses of emails - I will answer questions via this post only, and am happy to help the purchasers with their order but prior to that I will not answer emails regarding this stocking.

All Beetlebums bodies on the carriers are the same, they are contoured for comfort with a structured buckle waist for support. The buckle on the waistband is dual adjustable and the ends of the webbing have elastic loops for you to wind the excess waist webbing with, ensuring there is no webbing dangling once your have your carrier on. I have a thing about things looking.. neat!

The difference between a 1/2 buckle and a full buckle is the shoulder straps. A 1/2 buckle has wider, slightly less padded (but equally as supportive) long straps that you tie, like a Mei Tai. Typically, 1/2 buckle carriers 'fit' more people, due to the customizable fit of the shoulder straps. A tall man and a petite lady (or vice versa) can share the carrier more easily. The possible downsides are that you might not like tying straps, the straps are long - meaning that they are likely to 'drag' on the ground while you are tying your baby in (making the ends dirty.. though there are ways to eliminate this with practise, some folk tuck the ends of the straps in their pockets, or between their knees!). 1/2 buckles aren't typically such a 'quick' on-off carrier, like the full buckle version.

The full buckle has buckles on the body and shoulder straps, that attach to give a snug and supportive fit. The straps are slightly narrower and a little more padded than the 1/2 buckle, and have webbing running down the straps entire length.

You might like to consider these points when deciding what you would prefer -

- more than one wearer of differing builds? 1/2 buckle
- particularly petite (under Australian size 10, and short) wearer? 1/2 buckle, 180cm straps
- narrow, sloping shoulders? 1/2 buckle
- love tying straps? 1/2 buckle

- need a quick on-off carrier? full buckle
- have a wriggly baby? full buckle (or learn how to tie FAST!)
- not such a confident baby wearer? full buckle
- got a big kid? full buckle

Please understand also that Beetlebums carriers have not been designed with newborns/infants in mind - they are designed for the post-infant stage, where it is hard for a family to find a good, fashionable and comfortable carrier. Although some folks love using their Beetlebums with their babies 'froggied', the bodies are larger than other infant sized carriers and can swamp little babies. They really suit babies from about 4/5 months upward (with good head control).

You can wear Beetlebums carriers on your front, back or side.

Ok, that should be it for now! Off to play with my fabric stash!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Another week passes

Another week passes and yep I did do a sneaky lil stocking on the weekend just passed :). I am working on carriers now, and a couple of special favors that I still have owing to some dear friends (a couple of which are WAY overdue *eek Ms E*) so I cannot say when I will be stocking again for certain. I am not running to a calendar at the moment, mainly because Im tired and needing to spend alot of time on the next step that Beetlebums is taking.

That and I have a quilt to finish for Miss Lola!

However, please do not fear there will be more coming, I just will not 'commit' myself to dates IYKWIM :). Could be tomorrow, could be next month, could be next week. Im just going with the flow :).

Pregnancy is growing fine, baby is kicking and we still do not know if we have a pink or blue bundle coming - gotta love surprises huh!? Im super excited, I keep saying that this is our last baby so I am trying to enjoy myself and take care of my body as best as I can.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beetle Update!

Just a quick update...

Preorders are leaving daily now, and will be out by the end of the week.

Those who I have favors owing (you know who you are ;)) to, these are all being worked on and should be out by next Monday.

I have been experiencing some difficulties, and extreme exhaustion is part of this. Geez anyone would think I was 27 or so weeks pregnant! hahhaha

Also, just a little bynote - it will never be 'ok' for anyone to adapt their pattern to be more like a certain design of mine. That design is what MAKES MY NAPPY UNIQUE and nope, no matter how much time passes - it will never ever be 'ok'. The current 'trend' is NOT my construction technique, and if one considers it in their right mind they would understand that. If it is used, it is copying. Flat out. Im shocked, exasperated, exhausted and beyond gobsmacked right now, seriously - fair is fair.

See, to me, a custom nappy is a custom made only from my tried and tested design - NOT what another WAHM has worked hard to create. I would never ever resort to plagarising another WAHM for the sake of a custom.

Get high on your own supply. Please!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The new mailing list

Beetlefolk! I have finally got a Bravenet mailing list thingy sorted, so am not going to use the present list any longer. Please, if you would like to rejoin the Beetlebums mailing list just look below

Join the Mailing List

Enter your name and email address below:




Im still yet to figure out how to actually send mail via this list but hey, tis all bout baby steps huh?

Oh yeah, Ive got a few nappies for the Gossamer Dreams stocking tomorrow night - previews to come tomorrow!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Christmas Stocking

Well, a little while back I gave a little clue about something exciting that I've been invited to do... The clue was 'Monthly' and yep, it certainly is true - I've been invited to participate in the monthly collaborative effort that is Gossamer Dreams!

This months theme is 'Christmas' and I must admit - Im not really one for the traditional Christmasy kind of thing but I am really enjoying exploring the wonderful festive spirit!!!

I hope that you can make it on the 15th, there is heaps going on. Fun and festivities abounding :)

I will be back with more updates on the Beetlebums creations for this month xx

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Every now and then...

Every now and then, there is a real corker of a picture that I just have to share!! Here is J's niece (the lovely Ms D's daughter) in her cupcake Beetlebum, I giggle EVERY time I see this picture!

Every now and then I make a nappy that really rocks my world! This is crazy fun, and should now be with its new family (hopefully loved because it was hard to part with!)

The front of the freaky monster nappy

And the back

And every now and then I show off my little guy *swoon*

But for the first time.....

I show you my FIRST attempt at quilting, for my darling Miss Lola!!! This is hers for Christmas, will be double the size (to fit a double bed) and fingers crossed, it will be finished this weekend. I've just got to hide it from her till Christmas then!! EEEEEK!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Now I've finished the last lot...

Well, now that I've finished the last lot of pre-orders, the next lot are ready to go. There are a few conditions with this one - please read below

This Large pocket nappy pre-order is strictly limited to two per customer, and immediate payment via Direct Deposit is expected. Please email through payment confirmation within two hours of checking your pre-orders out to avoid automatic cancellation. Automatic cancellation will occur without notice if payment confirmation is not received. The choice you have is boy/girl/unisex. The colours of the nappies will be determined by me, although if you have a very specific aversion to any colour please send a email via the contact option and state your order number and the colour you DONT want.

Im going to be activating it in about 1/2 hour (about 10.40) and then I will be leaving for a week away. I will not be able to be contacted during this time so please, just be patient!

Anyway, off to pack some swimmers!!!

ETA - I have tried and tried to send out a newsletter with this announcement in it but Yahoo has decided that I am suspicious and wont let me do it. I will be creating a Bravenet account when I get back and will ask for folk to resubscribe then. It will be announced on my blog :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hmmm, whats new?

Im going to leave this out there for a bit... you can have a clue though....



Just wanted to share something amazing that I received from a true artiste. Thankyou Leanne for giving my beloved Pamir a facelift!! He is colourfied!!!

Verrrry sorry about the terrible picture quality *blush*

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy house, Tillbrook Frillybum in action - and ATTN Rose

Is it possible to be any cuter? Here is the absolutely GORGEOUS little lady with her Tillbrook Frillybum on, in action! Thankyou for sharing this stunning picture with me, she is a delight!

Oh man, things have been wild here! Just an uber quickie - Im planning that every single pre-order should be outta here by Wednesday this week, with some to go each day until then. Im so so sorry about this lateness, its been a crazy house. (like, whats new?!)

And Rose, the winner of the Beetlebum Inside Out, please can you email me again? Ive lost you! My has issues right now so could you email me on Im sorry lovely patient one :(.

Anyway, I will have pictures galore later tonight - Ive been saving them to show at a time like this hahahah!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday at the Cloth Nappy Shop

This Thursday Bek of The Cloth Nappy Shop is hosting a bit of a shindig in celebration of Real Nappy Week! I, of course, will be there - with some Beetlebums in tow. Yep, I will have a couple or a few nappies available on the day, so if you are in Brisbane - be there!!!

We are also having a bit of a fundraiser to raise money for Breast Cancer, and will have the prizes there (Lesley of Cherubs' Kiss will also be contributing!) ready for the winner (who must be present at some stage of the day to buy tickets) to take home with them!!

Its going to be great fun, so please come along and meet some great cloth nappy advocates and fans!!!

ETA - Im having a sad right now - I am not going to be able to bring any extra nappies with me tomorrow. I do have a very funky prize though! So thats ok, isn't it?!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pre Orders

Pre-order nappies will go up tomorrow morning at 7.30am and again in the evening at 7.30pm!!

There will be a limit to two per person, and there will be the option of choosing the size and type. Please just email WITH your order number if you wish to amend the order (to a minky Inside Out or a Trim AI2 as opposed to a Pocket).

Please understand that no outers can be changed or embellished, the minky outer is the only fabric available on preorders, and only in the colour ordered (due to the possible low supply of a certain fabric).



Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Men Wear Babies

Kai in action!

Here is the marvellous Cat's hubby and bubby in Kai, don't they look ROCKIN'?? I love the whole photo - the scenery is gorgeous too! Sydney is so stunning!

Thankyou SO MUCH for sharing this awesome picture, I love seeing Beetlebums in action :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thankyou, time for me to turn in now. Please have a wonderful night!!!


WIP - Isla, Anya and Lena




Let the

randomness begin!!!!

Inside Out Random stockings today!!

*disclaimer - please dont waste your entire day refreshing, there isnt going to be a massive motherload of Inside Outs, I am making them all today, and listing them as I go. Please don't ask what time Im stocking, please dont get peeved because you have chosen to refresh all day. Its nice outside - take a chance on it and enjoy the day!!!!

ETA - There are three WIP carriers that I will stock tonight at 6pm!! If they arent completed they will take an extra week to ship :). Pictures up by midday today :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

And the winner is........

Congratulations Rose!!!!!!

Now, this weekend I will be randomly stocking nappies and have a couple of carriers just about ready to rock! I will update with photos as I go!!

Thankyou again to everyone - Im just about to indulge in my lemon meringue so will have to park myself on the lounge for about an hour (or five) to let it digest!!!!


Rose, please just drop me an email (

Happy Birthday Inside Outs!!

Today is the day, a year ago, that I launched my brand spanking new Inside Out AI2 nappies!!

After testing for quite some time, searching for a solution to the common issue of wicking with cotton outer nappies I came up with this particular construction - with overlocked leg openings and a turned and topstitched front and back. There is no point in which the booster touches the outer fabric, nor do the boosters touch the elastic. These special nappies are truly Beetlebums, you wont find nappies made like this anywhere else!

Making the nappies this way allowed me to indulge in my fabric obsession while making functional and gorgeous nappies for gorgeous Beetlebabies!!!

So, to celebrate today I am offering a giveaway. An Inside Out AI2 nappy*, in the size required for the winners baby. The winner will need to tell me the gender too, so I can make a special Inside Out just right for them :). All you have to do is leave a comment, and I will get my sweet little Lola to draw the name out of a hat at about 3.30pm today!

*Fabric for the Inside Out made for the winner is to be selected by me, from my stash. It may take up to three weeks for the nappy to be dispatched. The nappies pictured are examples of prior Beeltegoodness - there isn't a stocking today. One entry per person. Happy happy happy Beetlebirthday folks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WOW! A year tomorrow!

Something made me look backward today - look back to when I launched my Inside Out nappies and guess what - TOMORROW IT IS A YEAR, EXACTLY! I cant believe it!

Do you remember this stocking? I loved that one - those little singlet sets were so cute :).

I can't believe its been a year already!

I've continued to improve on these nappies - the actual shell of the nappy (which is cut from the exact same pattern as every Beetlebums nappy!) is still the same, a year later.. But my booster has just had a facelift! Just in time too, to replace all of mine LOL! I will list some of the larger, more thirsty (but still very trim) boosters on my store this weekend, and will offer an Inside Out 1st Birthday giveaway tomorrow.

So, if you want to win it - visit here tomorrow!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A message from within....

There is something to be said for inspiration...

I was completely inspired by Suse's Winter Nest carrier, and promptly bought the red version of Kristen Dorans awesome print. I am still creating this beast - I want it to be really really special, putting love into every stitch.

This is the front, I have embellished the side panels (which is blonde pebble canvas) with a triple straight stitch with a pattern that mimics woodgrain.

This is the inner, with a poignant message that we, as parents, need to always be mindful of. I have freehanded this message on using a triple straight stitch. Every time I put baby into the carrier I will be reminded of what the universe has intended for that exact moment for us.

I should be actually putting this thing together today, in time for our International Babywearing Week festivities next week.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

a little nappy stocking and a WIP :)

Yes, there will be a little nappy stocking today or tonight - not sure yet, when Im sick of making nappies I will let you know!

This picture is my latest WIP. Ive embellished the side panels with a freehand triple straightstitch, inspired by woodgrain. More pictures to come!!

ETA - 5.30pm is the time for the stocking today :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Euan in Winter Nest

Well, here is the little fella in his birdy carrier - and hasn't his mama got the BEST HAIR?! God, can't take the hairdresser out of me, I've gotta spread the word when I see a great 'do.

Thankyou Suse so much for sharing, I love this photo and LOVE seeing Beetlegoodness in pictures :).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

In action!!

Well here we are in OUR Beetlebum SSC! This particular one does have a twin - I love it that much!! We took some pictures today while out walking in the hood, just to show a little better how they look in action!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The most dodgy action pic in the world!

Ok, here is Mila in action for all of five seconds. I was paranoid, but know that it is always good to see a carrier in action to visualize it on you!

Without further ado...

*disclaimer - please dont look at the blurriness, I am getting professional pictures taken verrrrry soon :D

And, here is a Frillybum Beetlebum - due to be stocked on Gossamer Dreams today in celebration of the Nappy Hunt!

ETA - 6.30pm tonight, Frillybum goes live!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mila Full Buckle SSC


Mila is made from Estuko Furuyas' Grassy Plain and Migratory Birds, both in the Eggplant colourway. Complementing her body panels is School Grey Pebble Canvas. Her hood print lines up with the body print, creating an even flow to the absolutely rocking print.

Phew! That makes four carriers for tomorrow nights stocking. It will start at 8pm, and will be at my store. I was planning on stocking nappies too but I just don't see that happening now although there is a little surprise tomorrow - you will have to wait and see :).

I really wanted to show off my latest favourite pictures of my littlest best friends :)



Mieka is made from the beautiful and vibrant Magic Forest, with purple duck canvas to co-ordinate. Her hood has Magic Forest meandering across which has been appliqued professionally with blanket stitch.

She is a true head turning carrier, I really really love this one! I hope you do too :)