Monday, March 30, 2009

YAY!!!! The trade!!!

Well today I met Michelle from Wild Child Nappies IRL for the first time - we had been working on our trades for awhile and finally got to seal the deal!!!

I got spoilt, this is just some of what I was given!!!! Check out the Steam Punk!!!!!

Calaveras and an AWESOME OOAK Dreamy Night Nappy

The dyejob on this beauty is amazing - Michelle reckons she isnt doing it again but I have news for her!
It was a great morning, Mel came over too and we just chatted, drank coffee and chatted some more!! It was very relaxed and makes me realise that we really should do it more often.

I just managed to get some uber cute pics of Miss Lola in her fancy pants - they really really rock!! And I got my favourite thing - fabrrrriiiiic :D. See, all is good in the world.

Ta Michelle, I love love love our fluffy!!!!!!

And finally, her carrier that I made for her - she nearly didnt get it ;).



What an awesome day!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

All going on!

Hey y'all - hows tricks? I really should have updated yesterday ... All of the Beetlebums stocked are well and truly on their way to their new homes :). Im so excited!! Im thinking about running a photo comp for some sort of prize, you know, maybe a nappy?! What do you think?

Its been a crazy week here, not as 'down' as last week even though I have been sick as a dog :(. Why is it that every time Kieran is away I GET SICK?! Or fall over with a baby on my back (dont worry, baby was fine but my ankle wasnt :(). Its weird, I just dont get it but it is too freakish to be a coincidence. Way way too freakish.

There will be a carrier stocking next - maybe next Sunday night if I can get everything made in time :). Im really excited about this stocking, Ive managed to find some really really amazing prints and am so damned inspired right now. Fingers crossed they turn out how I imagine ;).

Next week sees quite an exciting moment - Monday is the SWAP exchange between myself and that Wild Michelle girl. We have both been working on our trades for a long time and finally we are not only exchanging, we are actually meeting for the first time IRL! She moved up this way not too long ago (well probably ages but time flies), I feel bad that I havent made the effort *oopsy*. Its going to be awesome because my beautiful friend Mel will be rocking it with us too - crafty central WAHOOO :)

This weekend will see me sewing sewing sewing. No rest for the wicked :P

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The goodness

Just a couple of what is rocking over at my new store tonight!!! Ive set three nappies up as lotteries so those that dont have a great internet connection have a chance to get a Beetlebum :). I hope you love what Ive made!

Pink Martini Inside Out
Peace Out Inside Out
Lady Beetlebum Pocket
Aqua Pocket

Botanical Pop Inside Out

A pile o'pockets!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Onward and Upward!

Right, enough of that.

Lets talk about TOMORROW NIGHT (Sunday 22)! Im launching my site officially and I should have about 30-40 nappies ready to go. It will start at 8pm AEST (QLD time), hope to see you there!

I will be stocking my carriers once a month with a date to be confirmed, Im already sewing up a storm and Im so inspired right now!!! There wont be any carriers ready for tomorrow night, and just for my sanitys sake I think Im going to always split the stockings.

Photos to come of the goodness :)

Speaking of goodness, I just entered a really great giveaway here - get over there and enter, its international too!!! (Actually why am I sharing, I want the bunting for my fella!!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stacks on!

I just had to share this pile of Inside Outs with you!!!! Ive got some of them previewing in my store right now, should have more up tomorrow. Im working now on a couple of carriers and pocket nappies :).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Its giveaway time!

Its giveaway time!!!! Ive just finished snapping ALOT of Inside Outs in readiness for my store launch next Sunday night (21 March). Soooooo, if I have snapped 572 snaps how many complete large Inside Outs do you think have I snapped?

Just comment with what you think is the right number and the first person to guess the right number will get to choose a nappy from what is available on Sunday 21st March!!!!!

UPDATE! Ok so that was way too easy. The next giveaway will be a draw (those that choose the right number).

Rock on Georgie - you have won yourself a Beetlebum!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stocking Announcement

Hey y'all! Just thought I should let you know when I plan on stocking next. I was hoping to perhaps stock randomly from today and do the main stocking on the weekend coming but alas, that just isnt going to happen. Taj still has pretty intense silent reflux and it seems to have turned its ugly head again, poor little fella :(.

Anyway, enough about my life and more about the stocking. I am aiming to stock sometime on the weekend of the 21st March. There will hopefully be lots and lots there for everyone! I will put nappies up on preview as I can - my new webstore will quietly fill up!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Selvedge Nappy

Ive been inspired by Jodies Selvedge dress and decided that I had to have some selvedge loving.. I dont know how she had the patience to sew all her selvedges together, it was hard enough sewing enough selvedge for one nappy!!!!

This nappy will not be used, it is one of those crafty explorations that I loved doing and really love looking at. It going to live in my sewing room and when I need inspiration Im going to look up and see it!!! Plus, it would get dirty pretty darn quick ;). Do you like it?

Apart from making my selvedge Inside Out AI2 I made ALOT of nappies over the weekend. So hang in there - there are new colours and funky prints just about ready to be stocked!!

Oh, and just to give you a heads up - Im moving my icon folks. Guess where it is going to go?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

OK, It is ready but...

Im beyond thrilled to say that Im finally branching out into the lonely world of having my very own webstore - wanna see it?? Have a sneak peek! Im besotted and have Andrea from Wanted to thank!! It is everything I dreamt of :). Wowee! You ROCK!

I will still be keeping my Ozebaby store because I love Ozebaby so much, and after being there for over three great years I cant face leaving. You know how it is!!!!

I am going to be building up stock and will let you know (if you are on my mailing list) when Im stocking however I could be listing the odd random piece of specialness here and there. You know how it is!

Now get over there and have a look!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Im nearly bursting

Oh man, Ive got some news but I might have to wait until tomorrow to divulge... Can you wait? I cant!!!!

We have been really manic here - I have been insomniacing my way through the days and nights, and not really doing anything. I had to do this thing (that I want to tell you about) so I could find my motivation aka mojo again. Its been a rough road just lately but Im not going to complain, not anymore anyway!!

So, this thing means that Ive got to keep myself busy. And sewing. So its good :)

I made some really groovy non-Beetlebums things too just lately, just got to get the pics on here to have a little show and tell session ;).

Talk to you tomorrow!!!