Sunday, October 24, 2010

I am a bad bad bad, repeat, BAD girl...

So it has been maybe .. four days since my last post? Maybe longer?
Ive let the team down :(. I am a bad bad girl.

Sorry tinniegirl. Ive really let Blogtober down.... well.

I have to make amends somehow!

Offer an explanation, an excuse.

However I really dont have one. Except that I am lazy and ignorant and unable to meet demands.

So there!

And now that Ive said that, here are my latest offerings

Yepo, I made 'em. With my own body. Shhhh - ok, had *some* help - I dont usually like to outsource.... Sometimes I just cant say no..!

You know how it is ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last night, yesterday and last week - Day 16

Big Nan

and little Phoenix

meet for the very first time *squee*

Big Nan is his great grandmother :)

Lil P smashing some biscuits, just generally being adorable in his cute apple suit.
She IS ALIIIIIVE! Olive going through the paces. Still some work to do, but Im thrilled and bonded completely with her.
And 'Blue Jeans' for Ms S. This is a Half Buckle, bamboo denim, simple Beetlebum. I love its simplicity, makes me yearn for simpler things in my life.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Its just a pesky little bobbin, right?

Yeah, a pesky little lonesome bobbin ... that came with Olive ...

How the heck am I supposed to sew with one bobbin? I just do not know! There is never one thread for a single project here, and Im far too 'Aries' to go winding a freaking bobbin each time I change my mind (which is OFTEN!).

So I've been on a search, trying to track down some authentic, 1954ish made bobbins, to fit my beauty. I really dont want to taint her with anything modern if I can help it. The only modern-ness I am will to put near her is the thread choose and the crafting I do!

Anyway, I have found a grand total of ZERO bobbins so far. Well, I did find one yesterday on E*ay and well, its gone now :(. Im about to search much more deeply, and am hoping that I can at least scrape up two or three (ideally ten) more... I feel this might take some time.

I havent actually started a project on Olive as yet - Im still gently unfreezing her. So that means, go slow!

Hmmmm.... slow, I don't do well at all.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 13 - Self Portrait

Look! Its me!

I thought I would follow suit with the Blogtober 'Self Portrait' day ... Im not especially into myself hahaha

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And her name is Olive

Hmmm, what could be in this box?

Oh wow, they are delightful books - I wonder what they are for?
Oh! They are for my new (to me) Necchi Supernova Automatica!!

Ever since I bought 'Weekend Sewing' two years ago, I have lusted after Necchi sewing machines.

I started looking for one and of course, time went by and I don't know why... I gave up. Until two weeks ago, when my heart literally skipped a beat - this glorious machine was there, waiting for me to bid on her! Of course, I was going to win her come hell or high water - and I did. For a whole $46. Plus $65 shipping! Anyway, she is here now.

And her name is Olive.

And she is perfect, she purrs, she is fast, strong and capable. Exactly what I need!

For those rev heads out there - here is what is under her hood ;). All metal and now clean as a whistle. Ive oiled her up, and will be settling down now with a cuppa and her 56 year old manual. Its hard to believe that she was made in 1954! She is just like new.

Yes, it is love

Last night - Owly (Day 12)

Introducing - Owly

A full buckle 15" hooded style Beetlebum Baby Carrier.

Owly is off to his new home today, I hope his new family loves him!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11 - a bit of a weighty issue...

Oh dear, some shenanigans took place here tonight... It is International Babywearing Week and I thought well.. I would not only wear babies but kids. ..

27kg of kid...

my 5.5 year old daughter.....

in a baby sized Beetlebum

To lengthen the body of the carrier I wore it lower on my hips. When I wear Taj or Phoenix (the littler babies), I wear the waistband higher up on my waist - when I do this it creates a deeper seat and shortens the body somewhat.

And then . Well. .. ......
This happened.
Whats with Lola there? I mean, what the hey?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Currently on the machine! Day 10

The first two are two of the New Customer semi custom slots, there is another that I need to photograph. The last carrier is an instock - should be finished tonight or tomorrow!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I make stuff... so my kid does too...

This one picture deserves its own post.

Miss L and her Granny made this - Granny is an amazing artist by the way..! Not only that, Granny has this uncanny ability of just knowing what door needs to be unlocked to reach the inner core. I am so thankful for this!

I feel much intent and insight into this picture, and I love that Granny encouraged her to make this. Forever I will cherish it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just you know, making stuff...

Ive got some girly nappies ready for the weekend. My camera is playing up.. so pictures to come :)

There are mainly pockets - Im doing different pocket openings too, so some have the sham opening (what you are used to with your current Beetlebums :)), and the letterbox opening. Listings will always say what style they are. I really needed to change it up a little, Ive been making these pockets for close on five years now!!

As you know, the Gossamer Dreams stocking is coming up fast! I have plans and will be working on a couple of things this weekend, including a freaky, monster carrier ;). Or two.... :P

Anyway, must sign off for today - Im going to chill out on the lounge - all the babies are asleep! Its a miracle!!

OH NO!!! What day is it again?

What an impressive challenge!

Today I am feeling overwhelmed, excited and right now ... sleepy.

I am going to take this challenge far more seriously tomorrow. Serious.

Anypoo, my freaky computer desk... So messy!

ETA - Poo on a ladybug, its 12:07am :(. I messed up...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Desperate times for Babywearing in the US - Day 5

Oh boy, has the CPSC gone crazy or what? After the Inf*(^%& disaster (you can google it, I dont want to link to that company on my blog) they have decided that baby carriers are dangerous and they need to be wiped out. I really cannot understand, nor can I believe what I am reading - it just seems so wrong to me.

Now of course 99.9% of baby carriers are safe, they are built with utmost care and most manufacturers have high safety standards. There are methods that are commonly used to make safe carriers. There has been ONE really bad apple, and that bad apple has the potential to destroy an entire industry in the US.

I hope at the end of all this the Industry can hold that bad apple responsible.

For what it is worth, there have been no documented deaths related to baby carriers in Australia. Yet, devastatingly, there have been numerous related to strollers and prams. The same cant be said about the former in the US - unfortunately there have been deaths related to carriers and however upsetting it may be, there have been many many more related to strollers and prams. Yet those deaths only lead to higher safety standards for the prams that were involved. I dont understand why the same isnt being done for the Baby Carrier Industry. Now, Im not picking on prams nor am I looking for a debate, the fact is, that one usually replaces the other, so if you are wearing your baby - you arent needing a pram and vice versa. Its a fair comparison. A horrible yet fair comparison :(.

There is much information the The BabyWearer about this, you can try this link here. There is a Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, which is working REALLY hard to get US folks to contact their Senators, to get our side heard. The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance needs people to join, and they need donations - they need to build up funds to ensure that they can fight for OUR rights to choose to baby wear.

But it isnt happening in Australia is it? So why do I care? I care because my industry is global. Alot of what we do happens online, and as a direct result, I am affected by this craziness. I have friends who make carriers in the US, and many of us covet certain brands of US made carriers.

What is most dazzling about this whole thing is that the CPSC is not sharing their findings and bullying small carrier makers into submission. One big player has closed its doors because of this.

If you are in the U.S PLEASE join the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance - join The BabyWearer - be heard! More importantly, be informed! Don't just sit by and think that the powers that be (the CPSC) are going to 'Do right'. They are behaving irrationally and have broken many of their OWN guidelines! Don't let the CPSC do to baby wearing what our Government did to homebirth! STAND UP PEOPLE! WAKE UP PEOPLE! SAY 'NO MORE'!

Its just so infuriating!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hmmmm.... day 4 with nothing to report

Well, I attempted to take some pictures of some nappies for todays post but my camera would not comply! So not much to say really...,, sorry!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 3! Do you BohoMama?

Well, do you BohoMama??

I wrote the free tutorial for this bag a couple of years ago, and have since tweaked it somewhat. I didnt have any rings on hand when I made this one though - so I just knotted the straps together. Not *as* adjustable as the ringed version, but if I did a slipknot then yeah, I reckon it would be fine! Im going to update the BohoMama blog soon, to include the lining and the inner pockets.

And just because I can - my stunning youngest one. He is such a treasure, I get lost in his eyes!

My very own Mr T - dirty face and all. He is such a mischievous little pixie! I love his effervescent energy, and his adorable affectionate nature! My children have proven to me that our Attached ways are perfect for us.

And now for the eldest of my three, my pioneering Miss L. She is so amazing, perceptive and just ... real! I cant believe how much I love her, and you know what? She is sewing now too!

My lil P, snoozing away on my back - he looks so dreamy

Miss L and Mr P sharing the joy!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

eek - day 2 and I didnt even know!

Seems like the rhythm of my life - things happen that I just don't know about. I need to use my listening ears a little more I think! Anyway, I'm chiming in, on day 2 of Blogtoberfest (did I spell it right?)
This is what I worked on today :)

Hand-driven rogue stitches with applique on Bamboo Denim. This is the centre panel to a lovely mama's baby carrier <3.>
Anyway, I am sure I can manage a post a day, for a month... WOOOHOOO!