Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok! So the preorders are just about packed ready to go tomorrow! I know I ran behind and all I can do is say SORRY!!!! :(. I really am :(.

Anyway, once these are out the door I will be putting up more pre-orders. Every month I will list at least 10 pre-order minky pockets, and will announce when I list them here and to my mailing list (email me at with 'Add me' in the header).

Ive got a small backlog to get through, but will be back with the nappy tower photo!!!

Oh, how could I forget?! Look at our new little boy!

Introducing - Franz!!! Isnt he awesome?

Friday, May 15, 2009

pincushion and Miss Lola makes a decision!!

I made this pincushion, using the incredibly clever Heather Bailey ALL OVER (the tutorial, her fabric...) as part of our Nappycino Sew-a-long pincushion project :).

I hope you like it!

And finally, Miss Lola declared today that she wants to be a 'flower giver' when she grows up. I said 'Oh you mean a florist' and she said 'NO! A flower seller'.


Here is her lil posy that she made taking centre stage on our dining table :D

ETA - didnt want to say but yes, with a little staging....

An update :)

Hi Beetlefolk :), just a quick update on the pre-ordered pocket nappy status. They should be out on Monday, Im just awaiting some more Bamboo for boosters and sewing the last couple. I hope that this is ok, I just misjudged how much Bamboo I actually had here on hand :(.

This weekend will see me doing alot more sewing of course, getting the preorders finished, along with finishing a very special carrier for an awesome mama :). Im really excited about this one - I dont know if it is possible to make a girlier carrier!

ETA - all of the Inside Outs went out on Wednesday, bar a couple - so they should be in their new homes very soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

And a stocking tonight! Ive been spoiled today, I love every second of it. New shoes, a dress, breakfast (not in bed, hate crumbs), ALL of the washing is done and Kieran even cleaned the ceiling fans! Come on, how does it get any better than this? Blissland revisted.

Anyway, the pictures above are of some of the rockness happening over at my store tonight at 8pm. Ive been going a little Etusko crazy and cant get enough,,, Dangerous territory really but its all good, I have a therapist on call for those loose moments where I click 'add to cart'.

Pity the therapist likes Etsuko too........

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picking up where I left off

Well, I guess I should give a little bit of a backstory here before launching into my rant about today.

Over three years ago I made my first SSC, and during the time from then to now I have been refining what has become the Beetlebums Baby Carrier - only after tweaking and testing for this long I was weary and just felt I had to get the 1/2 buckle out there or just give up!!! I love my 1/2 buckles so much, they are versatile, adjustable and user friendly but seeing as Ive put so much into developing my SSC Ive decided that Im soooo close now, one more testing round (it is officially testing round number five now, meaning carriers that I dont charge for) should do it and *fingers crossed* Ive nailed it this time!

I take my time in the testing process, dont rush this important process for any reason (dont have any ;)) and I just dont like to test products publicly so as usual the testers will be asked again to be on the quiet side, however Im so happy with this that I have to show you!

Miss Lola, who is almost a month off 4yo (22kg)

Lil Taj, 18mo (15kg)

Finally Ive got a Lucky Girl carrier!!! She has side panels of Purple Mod Hearts. Whatdya reckon?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Taking a chill pill..!

Ahhhh, the sounds and uninterrupted views of the beach and exclusive family time for me - it has been a downright perfect week! Every day involves some sandcastle building, big hole digging, frolicking in the waves, window shopping, actual shopping and LOTS of eating. Mmmm, there is no way Im losing weight here, and I just dont care. We are lucky, we got an extra day down here so we are making the most of it :).

It has all come at the right time. Miss Lola is handling the loss of our Kythas as well as to be expected. She still cries alot at the thought but then loves to talk about her in heaven and how Kythas is playing with DPs' childhood kitty, GB. And no, I wont tell you what GB stands for however will say that the 'G' stands for 'Ginger' and he was a boy.....

I thought I oughta share some holiday happy snaps!!