Sunday, January 23, 2011


And the winnerrrrr isssss...... #45!!! Congratulations Kylie!!!

Hi folks!! I have this special sized Large OOAK Inside Out All in Two nappy to give away! It does require that the winner pays for shipping - but that is it.

As most would know, I do not sell seconds nappies, ever. While this is does not quite meet my exacting standards, it is still gorgeous and the flaw really is not noticeable nor will it effect the function of the nappy. When I was overlocking, I didnt quite line up the wings well enough - there is the tiniest ripple there. Whilst that might not seem like much, it isnt 100% perfect so here it is!

You have been directed here via Facebook, and all you have to do is comment below 'Yes' and I will the winner tomorrow night, the 24th Jan, at 7pm. Please pop back either here or to my Facebook page to see if you have won! Only one entry per person. Just a quick note too - I moderate the comments, so need to approve them before they show on the blog, so dont worry if you arent seeing your comment straight away!

Now, while you are at it - I have been nominated on Babble for the Best Baby Carrier 2011! If you would like to vote for me, please do just head over there (click here) now and 'like' Beetlebums! I am honoured to say the least!

Good luck everyone, I cant wait to see who wins!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gossamer Dreams - Eden!

If you live on Earth you would most likely know about the catastrophic floods we are currently experiencing in 2/3 of my glorious state, Queensland. For those who may not understand how big Queensland is, it has an area of 1,730,648 sq km. For those who dont do metric - 668,207 sq mi. It is a massive state and a lot of it is, or has been, under murky, muddy water.

I cant do much to help. All I can do is try to raise money, to help QLD Flood Relief. So all proceeds from my offerings tonight will be donated.

My first offering is a OOAK set, with a minky panelled FrillyBum Inside Out AI2 nappy, and matching appliqued Bonds brand organic tee.

And I got to collaborate with the always awesome Claire of Tigernaut Jeans!! We made a set from 'Scandinavian Trees'. Here is the minky panelled pocket nappy I made

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Radar revisited

For my fantastic friend - Radar, with turquoise solarveil.

I have made this baby sized carrier on black bamboo denim, with applique and hand driven decorative stitches on the straps :). There is also the 'snuggle seat' - an elasticised portion of the body, which envelops the baby and assures a good fit, even on little little ones!

See the roll below the headrest? It is the sleephood, all rolled up!

I hope she loves her Radar :).

Monday, January 3, 2011

Woolly Nightpockets - revisited!

The Side Snapping Woolly Nightpocket has been in the works for some time...

There were some major hurdles to jump - stress points in snap zones, assuring that the Side Snap version can at least perform the same way as the front velcro closure...

I am thrilled to say that not only does it perform as well as the front closure WNPs but it outperforms it - the fit is exactly what the Beetlefolk are used to - trim, and reliable

Notice something a bit sweet about these??

YES! The love heart snap! I am using the heart snap to differentiate easily between the WNP and the up and coming, yet to be released, Woolly Day Pocket. There are of course many differences between the two, but on face value they look the same. That and I put sleep dust into those little love heart snaps, to help your babies sleep longer and more restfully ;).

Sweet sweet slumber to come for some little Beetlebabes soon