Friday, April 30, 2010

Update and new pre-orders!

Hey folks - just a quickie :). Ive shipped all Mashups and the pre-orders are outta here either today or this weekend! So.... there will be more preorders up in a sec.

I have some other verrrry pressing projects that are well on their way to being finished too, so they will have to be completed before I start the next batch of preorders.

Some of the preorders will have a twist - they will be applique preorders - boy or girl. I will select the print and will applique the design on the back of your nappy for you! This is as close to a custom that you will get (and guess what, some will be for new customers only!) here at Beetlebums, they mess with my mind but if I can choose then Im ok with that! Y'all know, Ive got a nice fabric stash that is frequently drooled over and imitated :P.

I have a couple of Frillybums and a bit of special to complete, I hope to have them done too. I will announce their stocking here and on my FB group. If you havent followed yet then do it - you can find it here. I will preview piccies up here first of course!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mashup Stocking Announcement

Folks that are interested - the Mashup stocking will be on Monday night (26/4) at 7pm AEST.

I am hoping to have some really special Inside Outs ready too!

See you there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its a Mashup!

Ok so I AM still babymooning (kinda milking it now I think but I work for myself so I can huh?) but something happened to me. My hands itched to hold the rotary cutter. My fingers caressed the minky. My ears yearned for the cracking sounds of my machines and I could resist no longer. Here is what I am working on.....


Dual colour pocket nappies!

Boys/gender neutral
(see the coin? Total fluke that its there. Looks great though huh?)
For the littlest ladies in your life!
And yes there will be more before the stocking.........

Please do not email or ask when it will be (I will not answer :P), I will announce the day and time tomorrow probably. I am still finding my way with our new upsized family, and let me say I have a renewed respect for all mamas of larger families - I truly do not know how you do it!

So yeah, got a stocking coming up. Doing it the one way I can - when I can, and still no customs (I dont do them anyways) and check back on the stocking time when you think of it!

Hugs and cheer, Im outta here!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gossamer Dreams!!!



I have made two carriers for tonights stocking on Gossamer Dreams - I am still babymooning but I love making them so much that I managed a couple!

I hope you love them too :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

small and bright

A little while ago we were blessed with our friend Amelia of Small and Bright Photography visiting for a bit of a play with lil Phoenix. It was such a dreary day outside, and I seriously thought that it wasn't possible to pull great pictures with the dull light... But Amelia is uber talented and just well.. . uber excellent!

I love these pictures so much. There are more but these ones make me swoon in a major way, every time I see them. I wish I had Amelia for all of my kiddos, when they were babies! She has the magic touch.

The girls (of Small and Bright) are based in Brisbane - they do just about all types of photography, weddings, corporate, uber gorgeous squishy babies... Lucky K and I arent married yet, now we have our Amelia, we can get married. See, thats all we were waiting for. Our Amelia to come along. To take our pictures. See?

Ok, so it is late, I am delirious, but I simply cannot confess my admiration strongly enough. Ive just got to scream it from the rooftops when I find someone so talented and passionate!!!!!!!!!!! Ole to Amelia!