Friday, June 27, 2008

My beautiful Miss Lola turned THREE!!

Here are the girls in their wonderful tutus made by my beautiful friend Belinda. Miss Lola at the front and Miss Ayla and Miss Rhiannon. It just makes me bust with gushiness looking at this picture - they really are too funny!

Miss Lola opening her keyboard (or 'piarno). I remember actually getting a toy piano for my birthday (I think it was my third?) and have a photo not entirely unlike this one of me!

Blowing out the candles on the cake - Miss Lola is still learning how to do it - its not like she gets the opportunity every day!

And here is Sir Taj and his ladyfriend Savannah with her wondermama Kate :). Lola is besotted with Savannahs' big sister, Chloe - her 'bewtifool fwend'

And finally Miss Lola with her first sparkler :).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A teaser for a lovely swappee!

I have been lucky enough to make this (and quite a few more) beauty for a TBW mama in Canada, in return for two beautiful Moshi Baby carriers. :). Im so excited and only have a couple more to make in the midst of all else (and my impending Nurture stocking... get your butt into gear MEL!!). Most of all, I hope hope hope she loves it - its a little scary making something so personal for someone you've only met online, and only briefly! We have the same taste in fabrics so fingers crossed. (And if you dont like it - just tell me mama!)

And the delightful Mr T's first taste of real mush :). He is NOT A FAN OF STUPID BABY RICE MUCK. So the menu has changed. Bless his cotton socks!!

Finally a picture that pretty much sums up childhood joy to me. Miss L bearhugging her 'Aboy'. I just wanna give her a big bearhug now (but I wont, she is sleeping soooooo blissfully)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baabinti Auction for SIDs

Here is my contribution to this worthwhile cause! In celebration of a brand new WAHM (and friend of mine!), a very special auction - here is where the action is. A fitted Beetlebum with Bamboo/Organic Cotton Boosting. A beautiful purple floral cotton print outer and purple velour inner. Lay in booster of Bamboo/Organic Cotton topped with matching purple velour.

This charity is such an important one to me. My little brother Joshua passed away as a result of SIDs quite some time ago. Even though I didnt ever get to touch him or hold him, I miss him. His passing hurt our family so much that my stepmother never healed. Although I have two wonderful and beautiful little sisters from my father and stepmothers' union, my father is gone now too. At least Joshua has his papa now.

Please dig deep for this special auction. It is so important to give to such a worthy cause.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My new logo!!!

You like it?!! I love love love it :).

Ive been working really really hard on getting the last of my custom orders on their way to their homes. 'B', yours will be fluffing its way to you tomorrow (and the postbag is HUGE!!). I will be opening up a couple of custom slots in the next week or two, once I catch my breath again.

I will always post stocking information here and send out a newsletter to all on the Beetlebums mailing list - if you would like to be included just email me here - and say 'Add me!' in the header.

Anyway, you like my logo?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hammock/MT conversion = Wrap Meltai conversion prototype!

I made this beauty last night! Im in LOVE with it :). Im still yet to make the sleephood but the main thing I wanted to try out was a new style waistband and the type of pleat in the shoulder. It ticks ALL the boxes, it is WONDERFUL!

It was my hammock that I loved to spend alot of time in (once upon a time!) so it has made a really special Mei Tai with lots of memories and history!

As a hammock -

And as a Meltai!

I will add pics when Ive added the sleephood.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Meltai on the way!!

Hammock shammock, dont care for it anymore! Im on a chopping frenzy, have a stunning mexican hammock that needs a new 'do.

Pics to come!!