Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farewell sweet companion

I just bid farewell to my precious Kythas, my furry companion of 13 years. Its the hardest decision I have ever ever ever had to make. She is the third member of my family to be taken by cancer in three years - all dearly loved and missed, my Poppy, my Dad and finally but no less loved (more like Im grateful that I got to spend just a little more time with her) my kitty - Kythas.

Kythy walked into my life as a 3wo kitten, having never fed off her mother and chasing a butterfly up the front steps of my share house in Orion St in Lismore. I knew the second I laid eyes on her teeny tiny body that she was intended to live with me! I scooped her up and knew that through thick and thin we would be together, we would share the hard times and she would prove to be what I feared the most - a reliable and steadfast companion, forgiving of my frivolous nature. She taught me what being a mother could mean.

I cant even fathom how hard this road will be, I keep hearing her voice - keep thinking that she is just sitting next to her plate waiting for some tucker :(.

Fly free my beautiful Kythas, you have been a true friend to me and my heart aches for your snuggles and my ears yearn for your purrrrr. There is not one soul in this world like you.

I love you.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Another carrier for tomorrow nights stocking. I still have some work to do on Pilot and Phoenix but will complete them by tonight.

There are a couple of other carriers Im working on right now (well, one is in transit so cant show you pictures just now as it is a SURPRISE). A beautiful friend of mine won the carrier custom slot so Im stitching away at her bit of specialness today too (no pictures of her beauty until she says so :P)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

and then the Phoenix rose...

Im exhausted, g'nite!!

Radar exposed while Freya was visiting

With Radar is Freya, hopefully just visiting for awhile :D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Im so lucky, lucky lucky

Im so inspired right now... So here is a teaser about what is coming on Tuesday nights carrier stocking


Yeah yeah, why am I so damn lucky?

Im so lucky because today my beautiful awesome crafty goddess friend Mel came over and overhauled my sewing room in readiness for my intense four days of sewing!! She just went beyond and I LOVE HER! She pretended that she just wanted to pat my stash but I just dont think that at all. I know the truth. Lots of Easter Eggs for you lady - thankyou my beautiful Mel - you really are aceness!!!

Anyway, there is alot more coming. Not luckiness (well, I hope luckiness but I dont want to count my chickens) but little teasers. I dont have a number for the total amount of carriers that I even plan to make, so there may be two or may be seven... Or a thousand. I just dont know :).

On a more personal note, on the awesome TBW forums is a lil forum called 'DIY-OT'. Last month the mission was storage, and some of the stuff the girls made really really really really rocked. So much that I was completely jealous of my inept ability to apply myself to anything beyond a nappy or carrier. Or whatever else I *know* how to make. So.... this month is making kids stuff - toys, clothes... I made these guys because I just want to join in the fun (if you can see the thread, there is some really awesome stuff in there - way way way better than what Ive made)

Miss L with her 'Share Bear' top

I appliqued the belly badge on for her mainly because normally her belly badge is a piece of masking tape with a nikko symbol on it. This is much better mainly because we can wear it out in public :P.

Tajs' car top - need I say more except that ETSUKO FURUYA IS A GENIUS

And lil Es' Peace Out outfit :D. Just for him on his first birthday the lil rocker :)

Phew, thats enough for now.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Geez time flies!

I cant believe that its nearly the weekend already! Its raining here, Ive had a big new 'do and we are just settling in watching a bit of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :D.

I thought that I would be able to do my carrier stocking this weekend but alas it isnt going to happen - there is ALOT going on at Beetlebums HQ and it is taking up alot of my time. Dont fear though, Im planning on getting what I have ready up and previewing over this coming week with the stocking to take place on 14th April - two days before my birthday!!!!! YAY!

Im really sorry about the delay :(.

So, wanna see my hair?!!!


and... AFTER!!!

Im a hairdresser and I cant believe I forgot how invigorating and renewing it is to have a good haircut! Im BACK :P!!!!