Friday, February 19, 2010

A quick update :)

Hey Beetlefolk!

I have been trying my hardest to get all that I have on my plate done, I have got three carriers to complete then I am officially closed. All nappies that are owing will be flying out the door over the weekend, and hopefully the carriers will be out on Monday (but I want to say mid week to give myself some breathing space)

Its been so wonderful, all of my customers awaiting orders have been beyond understanding - thankyou so much!!!

Just please, to those asking for more from me - I cant possibly say yes. I am exhausted and find it hard enough to get through the day. Even the thought of opening again makes me feel ... sick. My family is suffering because of the stress I am under and I am now officially drawing the line. I will not be replying to any emails regarding nappies or carriers, unless there is an order outstanding. That means any order that has already been paid for. I am not open for customs in any case - especially when I am on my babymoon!

I will post any news here, on the blog, when I re-open.

I am sure you understand.