Thursday, November 6, 2008

A hard decision

I have made a very difficult decision. I thought that I was up to making nappies, carriers and maybe bags for my store but for now Ive decided to backtrack. I somehow got myself dug into that hole that many peeps dig themselves into - and forgot to love what I was doing.

I love Beetlebums more than anything - its my baby! I would never let it go, want to develop more nappy designs and stay inspired and refreshed. I just dont know how many hands I think I have!

So for now I am just sending my carriers around for the fun of it. I have no view to make them to sell in my store any time soon - I am lucky enough to already be busy enough with what I do make for my store! Though you cant keep me down for long - Im totally inspired by my decision and am going to make a (wait for it...) carrier tonight!!!!! But this one is for me ;)

I feel relieved in most ways, but there is just a little part of me that feels frustrated. I have a fabric addiction that I need to excuse!!!!

Ive got a couple of large custom orders to get started on, and plan to take December off Beetlebums HOWEVER there will be a very special stocking before I take a break :). And of course I will still be around :).


Ange said...

{HUGS} Mel - it IS a loss to the BW world, but bubbies bums will be glad of it.
BTW - what's the go with customs?(coz I just NEED another slippery slope right now LOL)

Mama Mel said...

Thankyou Ange!! Though it doesnt mean I wont trade or sell my DIY when Im sick of them LOL!!!! Customs - just email me hon :). xx

claire said...

Awww Mel, well done for making a decision, hard though it must be to decide between 2 passions. Your nappies are truly my most favourite in the world. You have a talent for sewing and creating beautiful, useful items. A trim, leakproof, well made nappy with funky fabric is hard to come by ;)

You rock!