Thursday, September 2, 2010

making special things....

I know, I have been quiet lately on the blogfront. I have still been making things - not as much as usual, but Im still around. I have also been focussing on my little ones, and you know, working through my own stuff.

The process of working through my own stuff has brought with it alot of learning for me. I have found so much through confronting what I feared most. And through that process I found that I could see so much more than before. Its like my eyes were opened - wider. I want to shrug that statement off with a curt 'whatever' but I just cant.

Anyway, Ive neglected you, blog. Sorry! I will blog much more often, I promise!!!

Wanna see what I've made just today?

I want to add more pictures but I cant for some reason...

Oh, I keep meaning to mention too - if you dont already know about the Cloth Nappy Hunt, then you should! Im a sponsor again, I love it so much. My darling friends are the passionate folk that run it (let me say - they are crazy, its a massive massive undertaking, only the truly brave, passionate or crazy would do it!). Its an event for me - Hunt month is busy, fun, intriguing and immensely creative. I just want to build, move, stitch, turn, and smile :). My sewing machine has migrated to my dining table, simply to enable me to create more!!

I am updating the Beetlebums Facebook Fan Page almost daily, and would love to invite y'all over there for a look. Please feel free to join in the banter - its an open house!

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