Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Purple Nightbird

Here is Purple Nightbird - a half buckle Beetlebum Baby Carrier in what has got to be one of my most popular prints! This carrier also has the cinching mechanism to allow legs out for smaller babies, sooner.

I appliqu├ęd a bird on the left shoulder strap, and both straps feature the hand driven decorative stitching that is standard for Beetlebum Half Buckle Baby Carriers.

I cant wait for the mama to get this one, it was a joy to make and she is dead set - one of the most chilled mamas I've worked with (thank you for that!)

Right, off to pack this baby and send her flying home :)


Mandy said...

That's beautiful Mel :)

Sarah said...

that is very pretty!

danielle said...

beautiful- very jeolous!!