Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kinuyo MK11

A very special carrier made for a very very special lady in wait :). She has been so patient and kind - Kinuyo is finally ready!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just some of the action happening tonight at 8:30!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have been honoured with the task of creating a special lil nappy for a collaboration with my friend Lesley of Cherubs Kiss, and the every wondrous and utmost perfectionist, Claire of Tigernaut. I'm serious, I was scared that I couldn't contribute anything on par with those ladies!

The auction has started, and you can find it on Lesleys store, Cherubs Kiss.

And if you have a Beetlebum Baby Carrier - or aim on getting one in the future, I have now got Wearing Instructions on my site. I did this mainly to cut down on the environmental impact (every little bit counts ;)) and the fact that my printer is well.... dumb. Ive got to thank my beautiful friend who modelled in the first pictures - her little guy also! And of course, thats me in the second lot of pictures, looking rounded as usual *eek*. Im starting Zumba this week - when Im fit and hot to trot then I will update those pictures LOL!

Ive also recently started a Facebook Page. I will update there when I am ready for stockings, am also thinking that if folks want to sell their Beetlebums second hand then they may link on the Page too - what do you think?

Now for that gratuitous Phoenix picture *swoon!*
Now for that awesome picture that shows how proud my beautiful daughter is of her bag - that she made!
Now for that picture of a mama and her gal. I love love love her!

Anyway, must sign off and dress my son, who has decided that the garden hose belongs in the house ..... we might have a fireman on our hands!