Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have been honoured with the task of creating a special lil nappy for a collaboration with my friend Lesley of Cherubs Kiss, and the every wondrous and utmost perfectionist, Claire of Tigernaut. I'm serious, I was scared that I couldn't contribute anything on par with those ladies!

The auction has started, and you can find it on Lesleys store, Cherubs Kiss.

And if you have a Beetlebum Baby Carrier - or aim on getting one in the future, I have now got Wearing Instructions on my site. I did this mainly to cut down on the environmental impact (every little bit counts ;)) and the fact that my printer is well.... dumb. Ive got to thank my beautiful friend who modelled in the first pictures - her little guy also! And of course, thats me in the second lot of pictures, looking rounded as usual *eek*. Im starting Zumba this week - when Im fit and hot to trot then I will update those pictures LOL!

Ive also recently started a Facebook Page. I will update there when I am ready for stockings, am also thinking that if folks want to sell their Beetlebums second hand then they may link on the Page too - what do you think?

Now for that gratuitous Phoenix picture *swoon!*
Now for that awesome picture that shows how proud my beautiful daughter is of her bag - that she made!
Now for that picture of a mama and her gal. I love love love her!

Anyway, must sign off and dress my son, who has decided that the garden hose belongs in the house ..... we might have a fireman on our hands!


Sarah said...

Goodness! look at P's lil arms *squish* And that nappy is just gorgeous Mel as always :D
And.... you are NOT roundish GAHHH!

Rita said...

hey Mel
there isn't a link to the wearing instructions on the BB website. The page is there but there isn't a link on the left..or maybe i can't see?!

Rita said...

ooops me again..sorry just saw the link for the wearing instruction is on the top. derrr!! blame that on lack of sleep!!

Mama Mel said...

oh dont worry Rita!!!! I was worried for a minute there though!