Wednesday, May 11, 2011

.. my tongue is sore ..

Yes. My tongue is sore. Not because of the broken tooth that needs fixing (that my tongue just cant resist). No. From biting. My tongue. To stop having my say. As an A-typical Aries chick, it is hard, but I have had to to retain my self worth.

And I have stopped having my say.

With this post I give you away. I give away the power you had to hurt me. I give away the power you had over my emotions. I give away the power you once had to ruin my day, my week, my month. I give away the power you had over me, that I once cared about.

Today my feelings changed, and it is sad in one way but very joyous in so many others.

If you have to hide, then stay away. If you have something to say, then just say it. If you cant bear to, well... well dont then. And more so, if you cant say something nice then say nothing at all.

This post is rather ambiguous however I feel that many will understand. You might understand that I am just done with reading or hearing about what bored people have conjoured up about me. All I do is sew nappies. All I do is sew carriers. I dont DO anything else - apart from being a parent, which no doubt you are too. I put my heart into my work. And I love it.

So Im going to continue. There is nothing anyone can do to me to make me want to stop making beautiful things for beautiful families. What I am NOT going to do anymore is participate in the insane banter which is hurtful to me.

I do need to mention that I have been protected today by so many wonderful people. Where once I would have got a quick email/pm/message saying 'check *dumidiot* forum here', I got 'no, dont do it.' I love that.

So back to where I began. I dont say anything online, in conversation or whatever, unless I would say it to the persons face. And let me just say, I dont mind sharing my opinion. I much prefer to talk face to face in all honesty. It keeps people real. This isnt. This isnt real - people hiding behind their computers. Pretending they are people that they arent.

Anyway. I give it away. Well and truly. And it feels great.


Lisa said...

What is going on lately. I have read quite a few posts about exactly the same thing. I really don't get it :( All I can say is just keep on doing what you are doing and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Lisa xxx

PS My mum used to tell me to 'ignore them and they will go away' so that is what I do!

Tassie Made 4 Baby said...

Ignore the keyboard warriors Mel! We love you <3

Raelene said...

It does sadden me when people say nasty things, especially when they think they are protected by the anonymity of the internet. They don't achieve anything except hurting people unecessarily.