Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wings!! I have wings!!!

So, Ive been asked a number of times to show them off - so thought I might do so right now :).

These straps are uber comfy, and uber-Beetlebum - they are my single fold wrap style strap with padding over the shoulder, with a retractable 'Wing' (hence the name) that can cup your shoulder when you want it to :). Nope, you wont find a strap anywhere like it!

Ive been making them for well over a year now, for friends and family - and of course the odd one on request.. They have had rave reviews and Im thrilled that the owners love them as much as I do!!!

Here is my little teeny 2mo Phoenix in Sarah's Mod Heart/Martin conversion - Phoenix is now a burly 18mo toddler!! I just go *squish* when I see his teeny baby pictures!!!

See??! See the Wing??!

And my current beloved Mamami Rainbow wrap conversion. I just LOVE the new Girasol weave, it is so gorgeous and snuggly!!

More? You want to see more?? Sure thing, your wish is my command... I will keep you posted!


Candice said...

Ohh Phoenix is soo cute. I think I have had the luxury of having tried on that very same carrier (is that the one I tried on Mel?) and OMG I was in love!I think It is the way that it cups the shoulder that makes it, for me, keep good posture, and disperse the pressure in a way that I couldnt even say where I am feeling any (if that makes sense). Not to sounds selfish, having already had the pleasure of snavelling a BB (FB) but OMG I dream of having one of these guys! Please keep the photos coming Mel, makes it easier for me to dream vivid BB dreams!

berniebabe said...

I love it and have since the first time you showed me :) No to fill my wardrobe with them hehehe