Thursday, December 15, 2011



 This is Moby - a Restyle I made especially for a wonderful woman and her partner.  The wraps I used were Naglitki (Vatanai) and Storchenweige Leo Marine.  They were well loved and super broken in wraps when they got here, I just know that this restyle is going to feel superb when worn.  

Moby has extra long straps - the couple that own him love to tandem wear (wear two babies at once) and the Restyle Wing Straps are perfect for that.

The headrest is super special, if I might say so myself!  The smiling whale makes me feel so happy when I look at him - and the meandering hand driven stitching signify water (I love how the variegated thread looks!).

I hope hope hope they LOVE Moby.  And if they dont, I will buy him off them - because I do!

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