Thursday, February 2, 2012

Safety First - ALWAYS

I would like to take a moment of your time and direct you to the Tinoki blog.  Brie has written a fantastic post about carrier safety and what you need to know to ensure the carrier/s that you use are safe.

She made an awesome point - 'Babywearing is safe however not all baby carriers are'.  How very apt that statement is.

So please, click here on Tinoki and absorb her wise words, your precious baby is worth the extra minute it takes to check over your baby carrier/s.

Also, if you haven't visited and joined Kanga Collective - what are you waiting for?  The mystery prize will be drawn in literally days, and there is lots of action and chatter.  It is Australia's new Baby Wearing Forum, along with a fantastic Wiki and blog.  Speaking of which, if you have a great article that you would like to submit to either the Wiki or the Blog then please join up and submit!

Big, safe love!

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