Monday, October 1, 2007

Well here I am!!!

I am really excited about this, but have to admit that Im not all that good at this stuff so its going to take awhile to get going!!!

I received a beautiful surprise from Belinda of Bear Hug Baby - an awesome Meana T ring sling!! We did a swapsie, and I think I got the better deal!! Lola loves it too - she calls it the 'baby blank blank', which in Lola speak is just 'baby blanket'. She had to have a ride in it, and I think I will put it to good use even before lil man arrives :D.

I went to my beautiful friend, Ems this morning and raided her fabric stash - she is such a wonderful, kind WAHMamma. Ive got some beautiful cotton velours to play with, so sewing today will be an absolute pleasure! Just need to figure out whether I want to dye it first ;).

Tried my hand at using my procion dyes the other day, and sewed up a couple of tiny newborn Beetlebum fitteds! They are so cute and I cant wait to use them :). Two are for me (well, bub in belly!) and two are gifts for my beautiful new mamma friends.

Newborn Fitteds (Bamboo double sided terry with Bamboo/Organic Cotton boosting and Organic Cotton Sherpa Inner)

And the procion dye jobs!

I really must brag about the Bamboo double sided terry as I WON IT from Bamboo Fabric Store!! I couldnt believe that I won something, let alone 5m of such a deluxe fabric :). What a happy day that was when I got the email!!

My pregancy has been such a dream - Ive been lucky not to have any issues, morning sickness or the like. Im just dreaming about a home birth now, just have to convince my partner in crime. Did I mention that I like to get my own way ;P LOL!!!

My tum tum at 23wks :)

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beeware said...

Lovely to put a face to the name! Great to hear the pregnancy is going so well :)
from Belinda
BTW very cute nappies as well!