Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heart of Rainbows

Another OOAK designed for a lovely lass!!! This was fun to do, and the colours are amazing :). It will be snapped tonight and constructed tomorrow!! Cant wait to see it finished and I hope the recipient loves it.

We've got our house now and are steadily packing - I just cant get motivated and have been sewing as much as I can because Im ignoring it all! So silly I know, but I cant control it. Off to Brisbane tomorrow to see the lovely Bek from Pookey Pockets (I havent seen her store yet!) - she has kindly gathered some boxes together for us. I cant ignore the facts then, can I? It will be time to get serious.

I had an amazing fluffy day yesterday - I got my first ever wrap sling. It is a Storch Leo in Navy, and Ive been really giving it a bashing. Its softening up beautifully, the fabric is pure and divine! Im so excited to put lil Taj in it when he comes! AND I received my Bear Hug Baby Mesh Sling. Its unreal - so unreal in fact that one of my friends has realised that she cant survive without one of her own! Bel, Im going to be keeping you busy girl hehehehe... Now its my turn to spoil you Bel ;) :). I will take some action pics in the next day or so and post them :).

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