Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heart of Rainbows

Another OOAK designed for a lovely lass!!! This was fun to do, and the colours are amazing :). It will be snapped tonight and constructed tomorrow!! Cant wait to see it finished and I hope the recipient loves it.

We've got our house now and are steadily packing - I just cant get motivated and have been sewing as much as I can because Im ignoring it all! So silly I know, but I cant control it. Off to Brisbane tomorrow to see the lovely Bek from Pookey Pockets (I havent seen her store yet!) - she has kindly gathered some boxes together for us. I cant ignore the facts then, can I? It will be time to get serious.

I had an amazing fluffy day yesterday - I got my first ever wrap sling. It is a Storch Leo in Navy, and Ive been really giving it a bashing. Its softening up beautifully, the fabric is pure and divine! Im so excited to put lil Taj in it when he comes! AND I received my Bear Hug Baby Mesh Sling. Its unreal - so unreal in fact that one of my friends has realised that she cant survive without one of her own! Bel, Im going to be keeping you busy girl hehehehe... Now its my turn to spoil you Bel ;) :). I will take some action pics in the next day or so and post them :).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Purple People Eater

Gee I wish this was ours... Another OOAK for a special gal!! I think it is soooo groovy, perfect for her little boy. If she doesnt like it, it has a home here LOL!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Babushka you have my heart

Here is my new OOAK minky applique, inspired by the Russian Dolls that are its namesake :).

I cant do any snapping anymore during my pregnancy as I strained my stomach muscles last night and cramped quite severely for some time. It was very very scary, but Im fine as is bubba, thank goodness!

My partner in crime, Kieran, is now my head snapper. I pierce, he thwacks :) - hooray!

I hope you like it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lolas magic bean stalk

When we last visited my mother and her partner Pauls (Grandad) home, Grandad took Miss Lola down to the vege patch to plant her very first seed. It was fun, though Im not so sure she quite got what we were doing! Paul told her to put the seed in her mouth so it 'knows' her, and so she plants some of herself with it. She promptly chewed it up while looking perplexed.

This pic is of Lola's cousin, Harrison's, bean stalk that he planted a couple of weeks before - Miss Lolas little magic bean is just behind it! Hopefully hers has begun to shoot by the time we visit next :).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

If only it was so frosty!

Here is a special Minky OOAK (one of a kind) Beetlebums True AIO I created for a very special girl :). Its so hot up here today, it was quite surreal applying a snowman and snowflakes to a nappy!! I really love how it turned out, I hope that the recipient loves it even more :).

and the back

Monday, October 1, 2007

Well here I am!!!

I am really excited about this, but have to admit that Im not all that good at this stuff so its going to take awhile to get going!!!

I received a beautiful surprise from Belinda of Bear Hug Baby - an awesome Meana T ring sling!! We did a swapsie, and I think I got the better deal!! Lola loves it too - she calls it the 'baby blank blank', which in Lola speak is just 'baby blanket'. She had to have a ride in it, and I think I will put it to good use even before lil man arrives :D.

I went to my beautiful friend, Ems this morning and raided her fabric stash - she is such a wonderful, kind WAHMamma. Ive got some beautiful cotton velours to play with, so sewing today will be an absolute pleasure! Just need to figure out whether I want to dye it first ;).

Tried my hand at using my procion dyes the other day, and sewed up a couple of tiny newborn Beetlebum fitteds! They are so cute and I cant wait to use them :). Two are for me (well, bub in belly!) and two are gifts for my beautiful new mamma friends.

Newborn Fitteds (Bamboo double sided terry with Bamboo/Organic Cotton boosting and Organic Cotton Sherpa Inner)

And the procion dye jobs!

I really must brag about the Bamboo double sided terry as I WON IT from Bamboo Fabric Store!! I couldnt believe that I won something, let alone 5m of such a deluxe fabric :). What a happy day that was when I got the email!!

My pregancy has been such a dream - Ive been lucky not to have any issues, morning sickness or the like. Im just dreaming about a home birth now, just have to convince my partner in crime. Did I mention that I like to get my own way ;P LOL!!!

My tum tum at 23wks :)