Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Beetlebums on the way!!

Hmmm, Ive been playing just a little bit and here is what Ive been playing with!

Im not saying any more about these guys ;) ;)

And a matchy matchy mei tai - its a Meltai!

And finally,

My hand-dyed wool Pullons! Ive got a big batch of wool in the pot at the moment for ultimate release upon the world!

Ive been so so so terribly busy these days, with lil Taj and Miss Lola taking up alot more of my energy than I ever imagined. I love this more than anything in the entire universe but it is giving me next to no sewing time at the moment. That and the fact that my wonderful big sewing machine is sad again makes sewing a chore! I LOVE sewing and Im sad that it feels like that right now. I know I will love it all again when my machine is happy again, its just deflating when I get it back from the mechanic only to have the same problem half a nappy into it *raspberry* *stomp foot*

And now for the super cute pic (or two)

And lil Taj flashing one of his first giggly smiles *swoon

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Erin said...

Gorgeous kids Mel! :)