Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh man, thats number THREE!!

Just a quickie for my lovely friends awaiting custom orders - machine #2 is now on the blink too... So, I have NO SEWING MACHINE :(. Im terribly upset about this, so much so that I just cant walk into my sewing room... Im taking both machines into the shop tomorrow to be repaired (again..) so heres hoping I can get ALL of your orders finished this weekend *optimistic hat on*.

I am hoping to have some more Beetlebums Woolly Pullons and hand-dyed night nappies for next week, and make sure that you join the Nurture Nappies ( mailing list to be in the know for when the next stocking of Beetlebums nappies will be (it will be soon). The Woolly Pullons and night nappies will stock on Ozebaby.

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