Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some non-nappy stuff!

My Peace Mei Tai - with Alexander Henry 'Peace' in the yellow colourway on Paprika canvas. I decided to do a shoulder applique - its one of the hands!

And my Floragraphix SSC on canvas. I love this print so much - its really understated with alot of detail. I made this with the intention of it being my first official tester but after making my Peace MT Im rethinking my shoulder width.... So its not a tester now! Anyway, sharing the babywearing love - I loaned my denim SSC today to a lovely girl at my local store. She is such a sweetheart and she always talks about my carriers when we go in there. Today I was wearing Peace and she commented again (her daughter is 1yo). So I popped in later on with a surprise. I really hope that she likes it - anything to keep a mama babywearing as long as she wants to....

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