Sunday, December 21, 2008

mmmm, Yuzu

Just gotta gush about one of my favourite smells ever - Im washing some wool interlock in readiness for a sewfest and the all time delishy scent of Yuzu is gently wafting through my house. mmmmmmm.... I love it!

I just saw my friend Mels' new portrait photos from Rachel Richter and Ive got to say that it is the FIRST time ever that Ive been tempted to plunge into the world of portraitry (new word, I know). I always thought they were corny - I guess Im thinking more about those 'photography studios' you get in some shopping centres where babies are put into wooden tubs, a flower put behind their ear and the bub wears a dumbfounded expression on its face. I really love Rachels blog! Lordy!

Well apart from two large custom orders that Im hammering through Ive got not too much else on, making two custom carriers and some clothes for me (WHAT?! Something for MEEEEEEE?! squeak squeak), some BohoMamas and something else.. I have forgotten something Im sure of it!

Im hoping to always keep pre-orders for my Woolly Nightpockets up on Ozebaby. There will be a week turnaround time with them and I will list the amount of pre-order slots that best fits into my sewing schedule.

As of next year I will be starting my custom draw too - it will be monthly and there will be two slots available. I will let everyone on my mailing list know when to send in an email to me to get in the draw. Winners of the draw can choose from anything I make for sale - BohoMama bags, nappies or carriers. Im yet to figure out what the limit will be, Im thinking it might be in hours - like, a max of 5 hours work for each slot. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I dont know if I will be posting before Santa visits, so heres to you all - and may he spoil you!!! Merry Christmas :)


missymoo84 said...

I know what you mean about the photos! I am so tempted to take the trip over to get some done with her! She takes wonderful photos!! And they are so well priced :)

Mama Mel said...

True true!!! I cant wait to see more! And yes you should come over and have some done :D

Mylenna said...

I always cringe when I see those pics of bubs in flowerpots etc - no offence to anyone that likes them but they are so unoriginal!

I would love to get some professional ones done. Preferably before Laila turns 21, which at this rate of growth, won't be long LOL!!!


Possum Botts said...

The photos on that blog are gorgeous, especially the very last one with the super-funky nappy! With sling meets and great photographers, I don't know why I haven't booked a holiday to Qld yet!