Monday, January 5, 2009

Carrier Stocking

Im hoping to have two Beetlebum Baby Carriers to stock on Friday night :). Maybe three!!!!

Here is one that is a twin (as much as a handmade item can be a twin!) to one that I will be stocking this week :). It is for a dear friend couple of mine who are about to head to Thailand to meet their new little boy :). I have named this carrier after him.



The next one Im working on is super duper girly BUT not pink ;) :P.

Custom nappy orders will be out this week, and tomorrow the Woolly Nightpockets I havent sent today will be off!! YAY!!! Its raining fluff!!!


kermi said...

Cheeky!! ROFL

Mama Mel said...

:P Nothing new then huh :P ??

kermi said...

Oh my!!! That totally ROCKS hon!!! Here's to a safe journey for all! xxx

Georgie said...

Gorgeous! I'm not going to let myself try for one, much as I'd like to :)

Mel said...

Just beautiful work as always Mel. :D

Mama Mel said...

Thankyou!!!!! WOWEEE!!! :)