Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some non-nappy stuff!

My Peace Mei Tai - with Alexander Henry 'Peace' in the yellow colourway on Paprika canvas. I decided to do a shoulder applique - its one of the hands!

And my Floragraphix SSC on canvas. I love this print so much - its really understated with alot of detail. I made this with the intention of it being my first official tester but after making my Peace MT Im rethinking my shoulder width.... So its not a tester now! Anyway, sharing the babywearing love - I loaned my denim SSC today to a lovely girl at my local store. She is such a sweetheart and she always talks about my carriers when we go in there. Today I was wearing Peace and she commented again (her daughter is 1yo). So I popped in later on with a surprise. I really hope that she likes it - anything to keep a mama babywearing as long as she wants to....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gathering my supplies for an onslaught!

Well, an onslaught for my testers anyway. The Woolly Nightpocket will be ready to rock in the next couple of weeks and the Inside Out AI2 (Almost in Two) are just around the corner too.

I got out my SSC (soft structured baby carrier - a carrier with buckles basically) prototype that I made three years ago, and started testing way back then (there are a couple still in circulation appariently!). I thought I should dust off the pattern, tweak it a little and now Im on a fabric buying frenzy. Ive managed to get some super HTF out of print stuff as well as some that are beautiful, bold and amazing. My testers are awaiting thiers and I will post pics of the tester SSCs here before I send them out :). Im all charged up again about these - though they arent nearly for sale yet (so please just enjoy the pics!).

Taj and I in our current tester prototype

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sorry :(

There was supposed to be some Beetlebum action tonight but Taj, Lola AND I are all sickly :(, I need to look after my babies.

Im really sorry, but rest assured that Im still sewing like crazy!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

busy busy busy

Ive been beyond busy - sewing up a storm for Jayne at Nurture Nappies and putting the odd one or two aside for my next stocking.

I have a little teaser though - and they will be ready to go perhaps by spring (maybe even before). Dont got turning yourself INSIDE-OUT though ;). A new AI2 and fitted coming from Beetlebums - and Im not telling you any more!!

Hmmmmm, what else? Not alot. Im still obsessing about babycarriers and currently have some AMAZING beauties on the way - a Scandi or two, two Moshibabys and a Bamberoo. Holey Bajoley! Will post pics as soon as they come ;).