Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ive been feeling a little down. My babes have moved into a really radical stage - I have expected it, think Ive been through something like this not so long ago and know its completely normal but hey - no sleep (me) and two REALLY energetic souls make me a very grumpy mama.

WHY cant I sleep?

Anyway, on that note Ive got to mention that there will be a carrier stocking in the next couple of weeks - this time there will be (well, should be) five really special baby carriers - each one individual and fun.

I will post pictures of them as they progress of course.

And for me? Im inspired right now, Kieran is an awesome screenprinter - he has printed some awesome shirts in his time. Im going to dust off his 'dance' screen and let him go mad with it. I need a nappy wallet, cant find a tutorial online so will have to make one first in my mind then second with my fabric.... I really want to learn how to quilt too...

Is this why Im not sleeping?

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Lesley said...

Hugs Mel - go and get some sleepytime spray from the health food shop and some meditation music and pop that on your ipod and listen whilst in bed :)