Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tonight I shall






The Beetlebum Baby Carrier stocking WILL be next Saturday night at 8pm AEST. There might even be a couple more to come :)

Of course they will be stocking on my Ozebaby store!


Mel said...

Oh wow! I love them all!!! I think Lucky girl needs a friend...Molly seems like the one :P It really is stunning Mel.

Anonymous said...

wow mel they are fabulous. if only i could afford one :( Im def getting my hands on one oneday tho ;)

luv kizzzah

Mel Cordell said...

They look like they will be gorgeous, lovely fabric choices :D My faves would be Pepe and Molly! One day I will own one :)

x Mel

Mama Mel said...

Thankyou :) *blush*. Ive loved making every one of them :).

tashalou said...

They are just amazing fabric colours Mel!! Omar and Molly are my faves so far ;) I can't wait to the finished carriers on your store

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, and one with my big boy's name. :)

Donna said...

do you think it's wrong to want another baby just so i can use one of those gorgeous carriers?????
Somehow I don't think that argument would fly with DH!
Gorgeous work Mel :)

abbs said...

Love Omar!! cool fabric :)