Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy house, Tillbrook Frillybum in action - and ATTN Rose

Is it possible to be any cuter? Here is the absolutely GORGEOUS little lady with her Tillbrook Frillybum on, in action! Thankyou for sharing this stunning picture with me, she is a delight!

Oh man, things have been wild here! Just an uber quickie - Im planning that every single pre-order should be outta here by Wednesday this week, with some to go each day until then. Im so so sorry about this lateness, its been a crazy house. (like, whats new?!)

And Rose, the winner of the Beetlebum Inside Out, please can you email me again? Ive lost you! My has issues right now so could you email me on Im sorry lovely patient one :(.

Anyway, I will have pictures galore later tonight - Ive been saving them to show at a time like this hahahah!


Anonymous said...

cmon wheres the extra pics Mel - I wanna drool!!!! U know that I am impatient :)

Mama Mel said...

hahahhaa - well they will come maybe today... Ive been flat strap :) xxx