Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday at the Cloth Nappy Shop

This Thursday Bek of The Cloth Nappy Shop is hosting a bit of a shindig in celebration of Real Nappy Week! I, of course, will be there - with some Beetlebums in tow. Yep, I will have a couple or a few nappies available on the day, so if you are in Brisbane - be there!!!

We are also having a bit of a fundraiser to raise money for Breast Cancer, and will have the prizes there (Lesley of Cherubs' Kiss will also be contributing!) ready for the winner (who must be present at some stage of the day to buy tickets) to take home with them!!

Its going to be great fun, so please come along and meet some great cloth nappy advocates and fans!!!

ETA - Im having a sad right now - I am not going to be able to bring any extra nappies with me tomorrow. I do have a very funky prize though! So thats ok, isn't it?!


curiouser said...

ooh mel, there's no chance of buying tickets from interstate via paypal? please..

Tam said...

I'll be there (how much are tickets so I can bring money). And Bum, Nadine can't make it and I was going to buy her a ticket (she's being a responsible mum and spending the day with her daughter, its her birthday)

Kazza said...

I'll be there with my 2 girls in tow (please behave girls!) oooh tickets and prizes how fun and I'm sure lots of to tempt us with ;) Susan was going come but she's gotta work :(

Can't wait to catch up Tam, been too long :blush: