Monday, March 15, 2010

Magic Tree of Life

Here is my contribution to the Gossamer Dreams Easter stocking tonight!

She is a very special OOAK Beetlebum Baby Carrier with applique through the centre panel. The hood blends almost seamlessly with the body and she will be a full buckle just as soon as I get her straps sewn onto her!

If you like the looks of her then pop on over to Gossamer Dreams (here) and be ready at 8pm tonight! ETA - she will be auctioned, in a fast auction (2hrs) starting from 8pm, to make it fair for everyone.

I am still on my baby moon but cant stop sewing, its in my blood. I am now testing our baby sized carrier, which *may* be available soon. Check out Phoenix's one! (And an action shot of course - lil Phoenix froggied in the 14" size)

And for SU, pics of your special foresty carrier to come this evening my dear patient one!!!!


berniebabe said...

I just love your little man. He is so darn cute.

danielle said...

OMG Mel!! That Meika is just divine!!! And how adorable is the baby-sized carrier??? Cute, cute, cute!!