Friday, March 19, 2010



And here we have a very special Meika - she is officially the first ever 1/2 buckle Beetlebum to have wrap style straps!! Ive freehand machine stitched across the hood to accentuate the flow of the pattern. I really love how she has turned out, and she is already so soft and squishy. I am going to find it difficult to package her up - I want to keep her!

Thankyou SO MUCH Ms U. You have really gone beyond and I hope you love her as much as I have loved making her :).

Oh, and Im in love with the wrap style straps too... There could be some more of that going on!

On a personal note, things are going really well here. We are all feeling like things are settling down, however I have to admit that I will never ever judge another mother again! I have found it really difficult making the leap from two kids to three, adding to that Miss L starting school! Its been a wild journey let me just say.

My dear friend Amelia from Small and Bright popped over for some photographic fun a week or so ago, I will post some of the piccies in here tonight or tomorrow. They are amazing stunning - I just cannot believe how great she is with a camera! Like, we were in my messy house, on the dreariest rainy day yet she managed to really make the pictures pop. Needless to say, Phoenix was perfect. But you already knew that didn't you?


Lesley said...

Just gorgeous Mel, my favourite yet!

Sarah said...

Ooooo Cant wait to get my hands on this Mel! Thanks soooo much BEAUTIFUL!

Kitt3n said...

Oh my that is lovely - and those straps look excellent!

Kylie said...

OMG I loove this <3 stunning!