Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just another quick update!

Awwww look! I put my baby in a basket!!!

I have been plugging away as much as I can to get orders out, as it is, this week is the week they will all ship (nappies) - some have gone already, all remaining nappies are in progress.

I know Ive said it before but I just had no idea how hard it would be to actually get behind my machines and back into it. I have a renewed respect for all mothers, and have decided that I just will never ever judge another again. I am in awe of some of my friends, they seem to be able to maintain their family, homes and relationships so much better than I can manage right now.

Ive really loved this journey, and every single day is a treasure, Ive just decided that I need to be more conscious of living in the moment, and not dwell or ponder or overprocess thoughts. It is so much harder than I thought. What a big big year!

Anyway, sorry about that - how about another cute picture??



helenn82 said...

P has such a cute smile! Very cheeky!! Love the piccy in the basket.

Sarah said...

Awww he is lovely! Go easy on yourself Mel, going from 3-4 kidlings is a HUGE change. xo!
ps~that basket pic is AMAZING! did you take that?

Mama Mel said...

Thankyou! Yes I did take it myself - I would love to better at taking pictures of my children. Im really trying! xx

Sarah said...

Oooohhh dear...I meant 2-3... :/ brain wobble :P any increase is the same adjustment(HUGE) Beautiful shots xo

Mama Mel said...

hehehe, dont worry Sarah, I totally understand!

Mama Mel said...

hehehe, dont worry Sarah, I totally understand!

Rita said...

Don't stress yourself out Mel, i'm sure we're all happy to wait for your beautiful creations.

Mahogany Turtle said...

Mel I struggle with this too, my mind is buzzing with projects that will not get done because my babies come first.

They are only little for such a short time and I love every min of it.


Mel xxx