Friday, June 25, 2010

It was this day five years ago

It was this day five years ago that my life changed. Forever. One of those unchangeable unfathomable undeniable changes that often only happens once in a lifetime. I birthed my first child, and today marks the fifth year since that momentous day for me.

That day saved my life. That day gave me a family. That day made me change. That day changed everything - it was mammoth, and joyous, scary, actually if I want to be really honest it was terrifying. I could barely take care of myself yet here I am with a little tiny baby suckling happily on my breast. How could she trust me? I didnt know what to do! I was overwhelmed (and then add about a hundred well wishers... overwhelmed is an understatement!).

It was this day five years ago that my lil saviour, Lola, was born. I reflect upon the time we have shared together and am grateful for everything. She is a teacher - she teaches me continuously about life, love, honesty (hmmm we get alot of this!) and I respect her.

What a special special day, and what a special special little lady.

Happy birthday my sweet Lola. I love you!


NatX said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute which made me tear up
hugs lovely Lola and hugs to your wonderful mummy on your special day together xx

Kris said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl and happy birthday day Mel

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lola and happy birthing day Mel! Love and hugs from all the Cherubs

helenn82 said...

Beautiful to read :)
Happy Birthday to a special girl!