Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gossamer Dreams - Eden!

If you live on Earth you would most likely know about the catastrophic floods we are currently experiencing in 2/3 of my glorious state, Queensland. For those who may not understand how big Queensland is, it has an area of 1,730,648 sq km. For those who dont do metric - 668,207 sq mi. It is a massive state and a lot of it is, or has been, under murky, muddy water.

I cant do much to help. All I can do is try to raise money, to help QLD Flood Relief. So all proceeds from my offerings tonight will be donated.

My first offering is a OOAK set, with a minky panelled FrillyBum Inside Out AI2 nappy, and matching appliqued Bonds brand organic tee.

And I got to collaborate with the always awesome Claire of Tigernaut Jeans!! We made a set from 'Scandinavian Trees'. Here is the minky panelled pocket nappy I made

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