Monday, January 3, 2011

Woolly Nightpockets - revisited!

The Side Snapping Woolly Nightpocket has been in the works for some time...

There were some major hurdles to jump - stress points in snap zones, assuring that the Side Snap version can at least perform the same way as the front velcro closure...

I am thrilled to say that not only does it perform as well as the front closure WNPs but it outperforms it - the fit is exactly what the Beetlefolk are used to - trim, and reliable

Notice something a bit sweet about these??

YES! The love heart snap! I am using the heart snap to differentiate easily between the WNP and the up and coming, yet to be released, Woolly Day Pocket. There are of course many differences between the two, but on face value they look the same. That and I put sleep dust into those little love heart snaps, to help your babies sleep longer and more restfully ;).

Sweet sweet slumber to come for some little Beetlebabes soon

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Lesley said...

Love the heart snaps, so cute!