Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is my baby's birthday tomorrow....

My darling Phoenix.  My rainbow child.

How I love you, I cannot believe that you have grown so quickly.  How lucky I am to be able to spend as much time in these precious formative years as I  can with you, watching you learn.  Watching you grow.  Admiring you.  And loving you.

Just born, total bliss

He didn't really need it but spent the first 24hrs in NICU :(.  I spent every minute I could in there with him, I was devastated to not have him with me.

Home!!!  Home home home!

Lola was so hilarious - this is her 'baby chain'.  Geddit???

She started school less than two weeks after Phoenix was born, it was such a busy time!

Our first official outing in my beloved Rainbow dyed Pamir

Peekaboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our first backcarry at around 4wo


I adore this photo so so so much.  He was such a delightful baby.  It was only a slight hint of how delightful he would become!

now that ^^^ one and the following one are both amazing, I adore them so!  They are such cuddlebunnies!

In his baby sized Beetlebum, about six months old.  I think.  LOL

I have teeeeeeeeeeeth! And yes, his Amber necklace is far too big.  It was Lolas.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  Oh, and he is very nearly one year old!!!

And fast forward to now.   These two photos absolutely capture his joyous nature.  He has changed my life.

Happy 3rd Birthday to you Master Phoenix!!!  We love you!!!!!

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Kirsten said...

Gorgeous photos Mel!