Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Beetlebums Ringsling!

I love me a good ring sling.  I think that they are the unsung hero of the baby wearing world. 

They are very easy to use, once the basic skill level is mastered.  Ring slings are commonly recommended from birth - they are completely wonderful for newborns and toddlers alike.  My friend Jillian at PAXbaby has some wonderful YouTube videos on how versatile a ring sling can be.

Some may know that last year I launched the Beetlebums Ringsling!  It has a unique shoulder which cups the wearers shoulder like a glove.

The always amazing Suse from Finely Woven is the only vendor to stock the Beetlebums Ring Sling.  I mean, I might occasionally stock the odd one or two in my store however Finely Woven is the place to go if you are looking for (what I think is) the very finest in ring slings.

An example or three of the latest batch I sent to Finely Woven

Finely Woven have a couple of Beetlebums Ring Slings left in stock.  I spy some hand dyed Colimacon and Cie ring slings there too!  They are truly spectacular - dyed by Sarah from Earthylala here in Australia.

Suse took the above photos - I particularly love the action shot with that special baby-uh-dolly.

The pictures following show how the combination of sewn pleats and gather in the Beetlebums Ring Sling shoulder that makes the slings wonderful to wear.

Finally!  Finally finally finally!  Do you like my new blog design?  I got to playing around with it, after a friend of mine at Belloborn Designs started up her blog.  I was playing around telling her what to needs doin' and thought, hmmmmmmmmmm lets have a go Ms Beetle!

It is late and stormy here in the land of Beetle.  Time for this woman to put my tired feet up.  Oh, come back tomorrow - I have the BEST news EVER to reveal!!!!!!!!!!!